My Support Group and the No Junk Food Challenge

While catching up on Facebook on this last day of holiday vacation, I found myself on a page I refer to as my support group. It is a wonderful group of women who share the unique experience of being a West Point Mom.  In addition to being a Stiletto Mamma, I am also a West Point Mom to my wonderful son–aka West Point Cadet.  (That’s West Point, as in the United States Military Academy. )

We’ve bonded through cyber space over R-Day (aka Reception Day; aka you have 90 seconds to say good bye to your baby and send him off to be yelled at by total strangers), basic training (aka “Beast Barracks”), and most recently Winter Break (aka I bet my cadet gets delayed in the airport longer than your cadet).

We also bond over non-West Point topics.  Planking, for example, was big over the summer. Crafting is another clique among some moms. We also pray for people we’ve never met–someone’s family member recently diagnosed with cancer, someone going through a messy divorce, a former West Point cadet who recently lost both legs to an IED in Afghanistan.

Today, offered a new thread near and dear to my heart…losing those insidious pounds that mysteriously appeared on my scale yesterday. Either the batteries need changing on the digital demon or I tested those Christmas cookies far too many times.  Either way, there is a new challenge on West Point Moms and Stiletto Mamma–The No Junk Food Challenge!

The no chocolate shouldn’t be hard.  I’m one of those strange people who actually do not like chocolate–unless of course it is filled with peanut butter and comes in a wrapper with “Reese’s” on the outside. No candy shouldn’t be too difficult either–I just need to toss the left over Halloween loot that the four-year-old hasn’t looked at in two months. As for the cookies…I think I ate all those.

Cake, donuts, muffins, pastries, ice cream–I can usually stay away from these anyway, but being deprived of the cookies and the Reese’s may make these a temptation.

No white bread may be a challenge at tonight’s going away meal for that West Point Cadet.  Figures he would pick an Italian restaurant.

Fast Food is usually not a problem unless my daughter spies the Play Place at McDonald’s on the way home.

Now we get down to the really hard ones–no chips and no peanut butter.  No, I don’t eat them together, but they are both serious comfort foods for me. SERIOUS serious.  I have a jar of peanut butter in my desk at work, and it is not uncommon for a co-worker to interrupt my highly nutritious lunch of PB and pretzels.  Those pretzels sticks make great scoopers!

Chips–I know they aren’t health food. I know they are fried bits of joy. I know that they reason I can stay away from the sweet is because I really prefer salty and savory.  (Which, by the way, is also why I crave those Reese’s. The PB inside has a nice salty component.) This will be my downfall.

It’s only 21 days.  Repeat it with me…It’s only 21 days.

I can do anything for 21 days.  That list does not include popcorn, so I can do this! Hope you can too!

Have a nutritious, stylish day!

Stiletto Mamma


One thought on “My Support Group and the No Junk Food Challenge

  1. You sound like a very busy mama with a very full life. I look forward to staying in touch and learning more about you! Go Army! Go WP moms who love to write!

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