Super Momma, Pinterest and Tangled-Palooza

Recently, I have set aside my Stiletto Momma persona in favor of one that has always been elusive to me. She is that shining example of motherhood who volunteers for charitable activities, comforts a crying child, encourages another child trying to make it on his own, cooks a full course dinner, creates imaginative crafts, decorates a house, and hosts a party–all while holding down a full-time job.

Yes, I have been absent from the blogosphere because I have been trying my hand at being SUPER MOMMA!

Let's Get Tangled

Let’s Get Tangled!

It all started when the Hubs and I decided to throw a real party for our daughter’s fifth birthday. Actually, it was more like him saying, ”Let’s invite some neighbors over to the house for the Young One’s birthday,” and me interpreting that as, ”Let’s have guests to our house and serve hors d’oeuvres, six types of fancy cocktails (each with non-alcoholic versions for the kids), and a huge cake with homemade ice cream on the side. Then we can play party games and give away prizes and goody bags–all of which will be made by my own two hands and some super sticky craft glue! Yes! We’ll have a party, and it will be the biggest event this neighborhood has ever seen!”

I needed ideas…fast. So, I headed to the biggest idea factory on the planet–Pinterest! has gained immense popularity over the past few months, and now holds the title of fastest growing social media site on the internet. It owes its popularity to women like me who pin recipes, decorating hints and craft ideas to their pinboards, and say, ”I’m going to do this some day,” knowing full well that finding the spare minute to bake salted caramel Oreo cookie brownies is highly unlikely.

This time, however, I wanted to actually create my version of my favorite pins. Plus I was motivated to make this party the one by which all future parties will be measured.

So I sat down at the computer, and I typed the words that started the mayhem–”Rapunzel party ideas.” We had chosen Rapunzel and Disney’s Tangled as our theme because the long-haired, locked-in-a-tower-since-birth princess is the Young One’s current fascination. Picking the theme turned out to be the easy part. Knowing when to say, ”When,” was the challenge.

I drew the line fairly quickly at serving hazelnut squash soup (Rapunzel’s favorite meal), figuring my five-year-old guests had pallets geared more toward pizza than gourd-based soups. I really wanted fairy lights strung throughout the house and the back deck, but the outlet on the deck hasn’t worked in a year, and my timetable didn’t include a service call from an electrician.

Pin the Pan on Flynn

Pin the Pan on Flynn was a “hit” at the party!

I decided to focus my efforts on decorations and games that didn’t involve outsourcing labor. That left me with a Flynn Rider piñata that the kiddies could smash with a frying pan just like Rapunzel herself did several times in the movie, Pin the Pan on Flynn (like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but with more frying pans to poor Flynn’s skull), Flynn Rider wanted posters, a sidewalk chalk mural with replicas of Rapunzel’s drawings, and a long, yellow braid for the front door to set the mood.

Flynn Pinata

The Hubs and the Young One getting ready to smash Flynn Rider with my Calphalon frying pan!

The piñata and posters were easy–a coloring page from Disney’s website, a few thumbtacks on some trees, and I had my very own America’s Most Wanted in my backyard. A clip art frying pan worked as a template for my second Flynn-bashing game. The bigger wanted poster of Flynn for the game was a bit more challenging, but I am Super Momma, and I figured it out.

Sidewalk Mural

It’s like Rapunzel dropped by to use my sidewalk as her canvas!

I had envisioned chalk drawings covering the entire driveway and all the sidewalks as if Rapunzel herself had helped me decorate. Then I realized she had 18 years of solitary confinement to cover her walls in art. I had about 32 minutes on the day of the party, so I settled for a few sun drawings and an arrow pointing to the front door.

It was the braid that got me. Superman has Kryptonite. I have yellow yarn ”hair” tied with a purple ribbon. I had spent days trying to determine the best way to measure the yarn and debating about the perfect length of each cut. I woke from a sound sleep worrying about how to actually braid the hair without tangling the strands.

Braid in the making

Let the braiding begin!

The tutorial I found on Pinterst said to start at the highest point on your stair case, feed the yarn through a small loop tied to the banister, and keep walking the yarn up and down the stairs until you reach the desired length and thickness. It sounded simple enough.

The night of ”The Braid”, I skipped my weight lifting class and cardio session at the gym, but I needn’t have worried about not getting a workout. I ran up and down those stair at least fifty times, and my shoulders hurt from the effort of holding sections of yarn during the actual braiding. I now know why Mother Gothel never gave Rapunzel an updo, and why when Rapunzel finally gets her hair braided in the movie, it takes a team of young stylists to transform her tresses without creating a giant hair ball (like I did on my first attempt).


Finally! Rapunzel’s braid marked to entry to my tower!

After three hours of hair-mania I was finished. I was dripping with sweat and exhausted, but I had 14-feet of braided yarn, and I was happy!

Now, Party Day is history. The kids loved destroying cardboard Flynn with my cookware, and the braid that tied me in knots is hanging on the playroom door.

I’ve struck domestic goddess gold a few times since Tangled-palooza, thanks to Pinterest. Peanutbutter pretzel balls were a hit at another neighborhood get-together, and I’ve shipped a batch of Nutterbutter brownies to a soldier in Afghanistan (that’s the volunteering thing I do).

But I’m not Super Momma! I don’t want to be her anymore. She is way too stressed out. I’ll take my good old Working Mom title any day…and outsource my arts and crafts when I need to.

Have fun at what you do!

Stiletto Momma


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