Race to Wait: The Rantings of a Crohn’s Patient

Hurry up! Wait!



This is my life battling Crohn’s Disease.

I hurry and race to the doctor for my appointments just to wait hours in waiting rooms and examine rooms.

Remicade Infusion

Drip. Drip. Drip. A Remicade Infusion at work. (Source: Flickr Mira d’Oubliette)

I speed to be on time for infusion treatments, just to sit and wait while the IV slowly drips into veins.

I rush out on lunch breaks to have blood drawn at the hurried request from a medical assitant. Then wait weeks for results.

All this racing and waiting on blood work, and now you, dear medical assistant, tell me one test looks a little low. Increase this med.

Okay, that’s great. I’ll do that. But honestly, in your race to bill me for your services and your lab work, you’ve forgotten the reason for the tests in the first place. I want to stop that chemical cocktail that sets my joints to screaming…makes my skin itch until it feels like fire…and is turning my curly hair straight. Can I do that??? Did the bloodwork tell you that like you said it would?

Oh… (Confused silence on the other end of the phone.) I’ll have to ask the doctor.

So now, I’m back to waiting for the next leg of the race…pass a message to the doctor, hope he works late on a Friday, then try to squeeze in the next treatment, the next blood test, the next exam.

This race is exhaustingly frustrating.

Stiletto Momma

Five Minute Friday*This post was frantically written for Five Minute Friday with today’s writing prompt of “Race” which (for good or bad) I read about not long before I got the results of this latest round of bloodwork. What are your thoughts on “Race”? Join Five Minute Friday, and let us know.

7 thoughts on “Race to Wait: The Rantings of a Crohn’s Patient

  1. I’m visiting from FMF and just wanted to thank you for sharing your heart today. I can’t even imagine how difficult and frustrating this journey must be for you. May God bless, strengthen, and encourage you.

    • One thing that continues to surprise me about this disease is that every time I talk or write about it someone says they have a friend or relative with some kind of IBD. People just don’t talk abou,t and it’s one of those conditions that you can look perfectly fine on the outside, but feel horrible on the inside. I’ll say a prayer for your friend, too.

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