Five Minute Friday: Looking for a Safe Crossing

I am a card-carrying member of the Doggie Lover’s Society. Alright, I mean if such an organization existed, I’d be a member and carry their card.

But I do love dogs, and I’m sad when I see them in distress. So, this morning when I glanced to my left to move into the passing lane on I71 North, I cut off my husband mid-sentence. “Look!” I cried. “Did you see that?”

“What?” His mind was on tomorrow’s Army/Eastern Michigan game and visiting with our son tonight before puts on his game face.

So He didn’t see the dog standing in the median of the Interstate. In my quick glance, I saw what looked like a beagle. He was white and spotted with walnut brown patches. He was no more than three feet from certain death…looking for a safe crossing among the cars whizzing past at speeds over 70 miles an hour.

Why was he there?

Who was he looking for?

Did he manage to get safely to the other side?

I’ll never know, but I’ll be looking for him on my trip home.

***This post was written for the flash mob that is Five Minute Friday. Our prompt to day is “Look”.


3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Looking for a Safe Crossing

  1. I’m a doggie lover too. I hate to see or even think about anything bad happening to him. Sending up a quick prayer that that poor pupper managed to cross the road safely, and hopefully find home.

    Here via 5MF

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