The Voice That Started It All

I first heard that voice 22 years ago, and I still try to shake it from my head when I remember how I had the misfortune of answering that phone and taking that message for my college roommate.

“Is your roommate there?” The question boomed through the handset, and I moved it further from my ear to save my delicate eardrum.

“No, she’s not,” I replied in my sweetest voice.

“Well, tell her I called!” The dismissing tone and the volume level set me off, and I made an instant decision that I did not particularly like the person on the other end.

“And your name would be…?” My sweetness was gone as I searched frantically for the ESP the caller obviously assumed I possessed.

“I’m from her chemistry class, and we have a project due.  Just tell her I called!” Click.

Okay then. If I remember to pass on the message, I’ll be sure to tell her she should find another partner for that project.

I eventually did pass on that message.  I’m really quite considerate, even when I have a phone call-induced migraine.

Plebe Parent Weekend

Me and the man behind the voice.

My roommate went on to complete her chemistry project, and a few weeks later, we hit the town to celebrate.

That’s when I met her chemistry partner.

That’s when I found out he had a wonderful sense of humor, a love of football, and a strong desire to serve his country.

That’s when I found out that he likes to portray a tough guy, but really is tender and kind.

That’s when I met the man I would eventually call husband and father of my children.

Thanks for calling my roomy all those years ago, Hubby Dear!

Now, please… use your inside voice!


Five Minute Friday*This quick story on my first conversation with my husband was written for today’s Five Minute Friday prompt – Voice. Want to write with wild abandon for five minutes? Try it out.

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