I Wish I Were a Hurricane

From his vantage point high above the earth in...

I wish this were me. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wish I were a hurricane, born near a tropical island amid warm waters and balmy breezes. My introduction to the world would start quietly with a gentle change in the air and a shift in the current. Then quite unexpectedly I would make the full force of my beauty known to all who see me, swirling above my home with a desire to break free and fulfill my destiny.

I would grow many times my size, but instead of ridicule, I would be met with awe. My body size would not inspire self-loathing, but instead I would be overtaken by an awareness that I am strong and confident in my abilities.

I would travel across the globe, seeing new and exciting places in my quest for adventure. With each stop along my path, I would leave my mark. Soon, my reputation would precede me, and word of my upcoming visit would generate a media sensation.

With each appearance, my confidence would soar, gathering speed and strength. My name would be synonymous with “Power”, and my mere presence would strike fear in the bravest of men.

I would live a life free of worry, able to change my mind on a whim and be accountable to no one but myself. My path would change without notice, and I would revel with the knowledge that the direction would be mine alone to choose. Those who attempt to follow me would be forced to travel fast and make split second changes. My unpredictability would be my signature, and the world would hold its breath in anticipation of where and when I would arrive.

If I were a hurricane, I would have no responsibility but to perfect myself and my image. With each new stop, I would rearrange the landscape, leaving a trail of debris that others would clean. They would try to prevent my mayhem, but my might would be beyond their imagination. They would soon learn they are no match for my expertise.

If I were a hurricane, people would listen to me, and I would be respected by political leaders and business men. Schools and office buildings would close on my demand. Public transportation would halt and financial institutions would cease operation until I declare the time right for business as usual.

I would be the talk of legend. My departure would signify a change so incredible that people would continue to talk about my skills long after my death. Others who would later attempt to recreate my accomplishments would fail and pale in comparison to my awe-inspiring deeds.

Yes! I wish I were a hurricane!

…but then again, perhaps I am hurricane already.

I am a woman–strong, fierce and confident, inspiring respect through my actions and striving to make an impact on everyone I meet. Surely, I have already left my mark on the world as evidenced by the faint freckles that dot my oldest child’s face just as they do my own and by the way I raise my daughter to accept no less than her full potential, to see only beauty when she looks in the mirror, and to believe she is in charge of her destiny.

My power comes from choosing my own path–knowing where I want to go, knocking down barriers to my success, and refusing to be discounted because I come from humble beginnings. I will leave a legacy, and my children will tell the story of how their mother faced her challenges and fought back with resilience.

Yes, I wish I were a hurricane…a woman…the force of nature I have always been meant to be.

Stiletto Momma

***This post was written for the WordPress Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge–I Wish I Were…

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