A Snowy Opportunity

We haven’t seen snow in my part of the country in well over a year.

Okay, well…I take that back. We haven’t seen bundle-up-the-kids-and-go-outside-to-play snow in well over a year. Last Saturday that all changed when the Young One burst into my bedroom at 7:56 am and announced, “IT SNOWED! IT SNOWED!”


My snow-covered backyard.

How I managed to keep her in the house for the next two hours is still a mystery to me, but I did find a way to enjoy several cups of coffee by my nice, warm fireplace before donning boots, polar fleece and long-johns (silk ones, by the way, in case you have any doubt that Stiletto Momma would be anything less than stylish).

We were fortunate enough to be joined outside by the Older One, who had learned earlier in the day that “visiting” home for the holidays does not exclude him from the pool of eligible people to be delegated driveway shoveling duty. He strolled across the driveway, shovel in hand, while the Young One made snow angels. Within minutes, the driveway was clear, and he lobbed the first snowball. The Young One squealed  as she scrambled to make a ball of her own, only to cry in disappointment seconds later when her snowy missile looked more like a lump than a sphere.

Sighing, the Older One took the opportunity to impart some brotherly advice on how to form the perfect snowball.

“Let me show you,” he said, squatting down and digging his gloved hands in the cold for the makings of wintry ammunition. She watched with great attention as he demonstrated packing the snow then rolling it in his hands to form a perfect ball.


Snowball Architecture 101

I smiled through the lens of my camera, thinking how lucky this little girl is to have such a loving brother and how lucky I am to have both of my children with me against the backdrop of snowy treetops.

Family moments like these are few and far between these days.

With the Older One spending most of his days at the United States Military Academy at West Point, the only times we are all in the same space at the same time are when we see the Older One on the computer monitor courtesy of the webcam.

I’m not one to normally be all happy and bouncy about sledding and snowman-building, but the opportunity to spend an hour playing with my kids is truly a joy…even when they join forces to pelt their loving momma with an arsenal of freshly made snowballs!

snowball fight


What’s your favorite snow day memory?

five-minute-fridayFive Minute Friday is back! Today’s prompt is “Opportunity”. Check out Lisa-Jo Baker’s site to read more stories about great opportunities, or better yet, write and share one of your own!


10 thoughts on “A Snowy Opportunity

      • Watch out though! Once I sled… sledded… sleighed? What is the past tense of that verb? Anyway, my dad convinced me to stand up holding the reins of our toboggan and sled down our hill… and I hit a tree… and knocked out a tooth. Luckily it was already loose!

        Thanks so much for the follow 🙂

    • Wonderful! We built snowmen that day too, and I was so excited that the day before I had bought a big bunch of carrots in preparation for making chicken soup. Turns out they make perfect snowman noses too!

  1. I love this! Personally, I have never much of a “player”. But we lost my husband last year and that means that someone has to go out and play with our son. Turns out, playing is fun! We have had so much fun throwing snowballs, shooting the marshmallow guns and we’ve even experienced Cub Scout camp together now. 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder to not waste opportunities like these!

    • So sorry you lost your husband. Snow is just an opportunity for innocence. There is nothing to do but play and have fun. I’m happy you’ve been able to find some joy in it with your son.

  2. I just love how you captured the moments, the images, the sentiments and the time. I very much dislike being cold and snow is not something I enjoy but that warm feeling of family is so special. I’m really happy you shared, I understand how you feel in many ways. ❤

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