Cherish You

Dear sweet girl.

Only five years old and already so self conscious and critical.

“I don’t want curly hair.”

“I always lose.”

Quickly critical of yourself.

Quickly critical of yourself.

Sweet, sweet girl.

My hope for you is that you grow to be a strong, confident young woman, so my advice to you is this…

Cherish yourself.

Cherish each freckle, each imperfect curl that flows down your back. Cherish the rich, dark, long, lashes that frame your eyes and the golden highlights that streak you hair. Cherish your smooth tanned skin and your long, quick legs.

Cherish your strength–strength of body, strength of will, strength of character.

Cherish your intellect, your desire to learn, your ability to do anything you set your mind to.

Cherish your quick happy smile, your laughter and your playfulness.


That’s a confident, happy little girl!

Cherish all your differences, your uniqueness, your individuality…all those things that make you stand out from the crowd of girls striving for acceptance.

Cherish yourself.

Cherish you because before you can feel cherished by others you must first love yourself…all your goodness, all your flaws and everything in between.

You are perfect, and I cherish each and every moment of you as my daughter.

Stiletto Momma

five-minute-friday****Today’s Five Minute Friday is brought to you by the word “Cherished”.  Check out more creative interpretations on Lisa-Jo Baker’s site. Try it out for yourself too. You won’t be disappointed.


10 thoughts on “Cherish You

  1. very sweet post to your daughter
    it seems like for most of us, deep down we are still those insecure girls, trying to fit in and be accepted

    • I agree. It takes a long time to accept who you are and what you look like. I just hope that by me knowing that I can arm her with the tools she needs to overcome some of those insecurities.

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