Catching the Bad Dreams

I expect to be roused from a deep sleep a least once a week. Sometimes I even wake up before the Young One wanders into my bedroom. I hear the click of the door latch, and see the short shadowy figure approach.

“Another bad dream?” I ask in a whisper.

“Uh-huh,” she whispers back.

I take her hand and together we climb the stairs to her room. We’ve been doing this for almost a year.

Sometimes I think she just wants another momma-hug.

Sometimes I think she just wants a reason to get out of her warm bed and wander around the quiet house.

But other times I think she really is afraid. I learned quite a while ago that she has a vivid imagination and is sometimes afraid of the dark, so I’m not surprised when I hear about green monsters and zombies.

dream catcher

The Older One’s dream catcher hung over his bed for years, keeping the bad dreams away.

I am surprised, however, that it has taken me this long to think of the Dream Catcher. Years ago, while on a business trip in Phoenix, AZ, I walked into the hotel gift shop in search of a guilt gift–the trinket working moms buy to give to their kids on the back-end of a week away from home to say, “Sorry I had to be away. Here’s an over-sized pencil with the name of a far away town on it to make up for my absence.”

This time, instead of some logo’d key chain, I opted for a handmade Native American dream catcher, which according to legend, will catch bad dreams in the center of its woven circle and trap them there until they evaporate in the morning sun. It sounded cool, and looked even cooler–just the thing to raise the bar on my guilt gift giving.

I took it home and presented to my son. He eagerly hung it over his bed where it stayed for more than a decade. I rarely heard about bad dreams during that time, so maybe there is some truth to that legend wrapped up in twine and feathers.

Now, I think the time has come to revive the dream catcher for the Young One. Only, I’m a little skeptical of the power of a hand-me-down maybe-magic-ornament. (Plus, her brother’s red and black don’t go with her orange and pink!) So, I’ve scoured the World Wide Web for the coolest, girliest dream catcher I can find.

It’s being hand-crafted as I type, and I’m hoping it will help her not be afraid of bad dreams any more…and that I’ll get a full night’s sleep!

How do you keep away bad dreams?

five-minute-friday**This post was brought to you by Five Minute Friday and the word “afraid.”


3 thoughts on “Catching the Bad Dreams

  1. I love the idea of a dream catcher. There is so much about the spirit of the Native American culture that is comforting and beautiful. I hope it helps your little girl! (visitng from FMF)

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