An Ordinary Extraordinary Redheaded Stiletto-Wearing Momma

How can any day be ordinary, when I, myself, am so extraordinary?

I’m not bragging. I am simply stating a fact, and it is one we should all declare with a smile on our faces and a glow in our hearts.


The ordinary extraordinary redheaded stiletto-wearing momma in action!

How can I be ordinary, when the very hair on my head sets me apart? I’m a natural strawberry-blonde redhead, and when I look around at my office-mates, I see no one who looks like me. In my own household, a stray hair is a tell-tale clue of where I have been.

The spring before he reported to the United States Military Academy for basic training, my tow-headed son took advantage of his last days as a civilian and attempted to grow a beard. When the newly acquired facial hair sprang out and curled around his chin, I noticed a faint red-ish hue, and my heart rejoiced to see my genes. However, unless the US Army changes its firm anti-facial hair regulations, I will have to wait many more years for another glimpse of it.

My father’s hair matched mine once upon a time, so much so that his friends nicknamed him “Rusty”. I need only three fingers, however, to count the rest of the gingers in my family–one cousin, one second-cousin, one nephew. Among us, the shades of orange are different, making us all extraordinary in our very sameness.

I am extraordinary.

You are too.

Few people have my hair. None have the pattern of my freckles.

A handful of people have traveled the path of my life by my side. A few have experienced the same joys and the same tragedies. None of them share the exact memory of those incidents that have helped to form the extraordinary person I am today.

And let’s face it…many people have a closet full of shoes, but who among them can pull off a five-inch heel quite like I do!

Ordinary does not begin to describe who I am.

I am extraordinary, just like you.

What sets you apart from everyone else and makes you the extraordinary person you are?

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10 thoughts on “An Ordinary Extraordinary Redheaded Stiletto-Wearing Momma

  1. I love your voice and confidence. My hair sets me apart, too, but instead of a strawberry-blond, he chose to give me snow white streaks in the middle of my brown. Maybe he sets us apart like this, so when he looks down from heaven he can find us easily : )

  2. I don’t need the stiletto heels. I’m an extraordinary 6’4″. Extraordinary for a female. In fact, I am the tallest female in the family. I have one Aunt that is 6′. But on the male side, I have four cousins who are 6’10”, 6’9″, 6’7″, and 6’5″ and one uncle that is 6’10”. In doing my family genealogy I found that I had a great-great grandfather that stood 7′. There are probably others that I haven’t found yet.

  3. A long list would describe each and every individual – we just need to learn to shout out what sets us apart instead of trying to fit in with the crowd.

  4. Hello, fellow extraordinary woman. Redheaded AND a West Point Mom? Just like me. It was fun reading your thoughts about being ordinary. I, too, was a lone redhead until I married one. Three of our five consider themselves ginger, so I have company – but mine are the only LONG red hairs lying about the place. Hubby has bailed on the red hair – only his beard was still red when I met him (brown head by then), and now the beard is, um, dignified. Thanks for the jaunty look at being NOT ordinary.

    • It’s sad that the red is fading from my family. Both my grandfathers were redheads. On my dad’s side, he got the gene, and gave it to me. My dark-haired brother past it to his son, and that’s our only hope of it continuing. He’s engaged to a blonde, so there’s hope!

  5. Fabulous post! So beautifully written and also encouraging. I absolutely love your perspective, which is now going to be the inspiration for my FMF “Ordinary” post. Hope you don’t mind. Thanks so much for sharing. Vising from FMF.

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