Welcome Home

Joy is coming to my home this weekend, and it’s bringing its friends Excitement and Peace along for the party.

Right now, as I type, they are preparing to make their journey home via bus, airplane and automobile….right after they play a football game.

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This is what Joy looks like!

Yes, the Older One is coming home for his Spring Break from the US Military Academy at West Point. Shortly after the final snap of the Black Knights’ spring football game, he will shed his shoulder pads, trade his cadet uniform for cotton and denim and board a bus bound for JFK International Airport in New York City.

Final destination: HOME!

Meanwhile, the preparations for his arrival began a week ago. His room, vacant since January 2, when he said goodbye after Winter Break, is dusted and vacuumed. His bathroom is as shiny as low quarter shoes during a SAMI (aka Saturday AM Inspection).  Menus have been planned and grocery lists compiled.

Tonight cupcakes will be baked and pups (both Furry and Fluffy) will be bathed as I anticipate the aromatic mix of buttery vanilla and wet dog.

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I pass my time waiting by doodling.

A number of countdowns have been underway since he last walked the floors of our home. The usual Days to Go jar is happily light, and the Young one has been practicing writing X’s as she crosses days off her calendar, as well as numbers as she counts the unmarked boxes to one where I’ve written “He’s Home!”

Across town, in my office, I’ve been doodling my own countdown on my dry erase board for the past 10 days. Today’s artwork reads, “1 day!”

Welcome Home

Our airport Welcome Home signs.

The sign is ready too–the one the Young One and I drew over a year ago to welcome our favorite person home. It travels to the airport with us every time we pile into the car for this much anticipated event.  Each time, the Young One insists on holding it…until we realize the Older One is making his way toward us, then she passes it to me, so she can run to him for the first hug.

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We’re ready.

Soon my son will be home, bringing with him a much anticipated joy, an overwhelming sense of excitement, and a quietly beautiful peace.

How do you welcome a loved one home?

**Today’s post is brought to you by Five Minute Friday and the very appropriate word “Home”.


6 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. Came over from Five Minute Friday. Sound like you have an exciting time ahead! Perfect timing for the writing prompt we had this week. Enjoy your time with your son and best wishes to him at West Point.

  2. Every part of this post made me smile. You are just oozing joy! I loved, loved, loved the SAMI metaphor, you are such an inspired lady! We will see our Old Grad for EIGHT HOURS next Friday, Lord willing. Savor the sweet times with your boy! How glorious! I’m crazy about you!

    • I’m so glad you’ll be able to see your grad! He will love it too. Ranger School is an entirely different “Beast”. When my husband was stationed at Ft. Benning, we would have some if his buddies come to our apartment during their training breaks. All they wanted was food and sleep!

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