Who Stole My Vitamin D?

I just hit a wall…hard.

I was sitting at my desk doing the Stiletto (Working) Momma thing, when BAM! I hit a wall. The same thing happened yesterday…and the day before…and the day before that…and all the days before that for the past 28 days.


Go ahead…ask me.

The wall of fatigue has been my enemy for an entire month. I’m moving along like my normal self, and then all of a sudden my shoulders sag, my head feels heavy, and I slump in my chair with a sigh, wondering how I could have possibly slept through the night and awoken in the morning feeling just as tired as I did when I turned off the light and called it a night.

Rest is all I seem to do any more, but with little to no relief. I haven’t been to the gym in over a month. My personal email account is backed up, and my friends are wondering where I’ve been, since I haven’t been chatting with them on Facebook.

I’ve been lying in bed. I’ve been traveling back and forth to doctors. I’ve been flinching from needle sticks, and I’ve been watching my blood fill little tubes.

I’ve been living the life of Crohn’s Disease. This time, my vitamin levels are working against me.  With Crohn’s Disease comes various complications such as chronic diarrhea and the ever-popular bowel resection, that result in an inability to absorb nutrients. Combine that with dietary restrictions, and getting the appropriate amount of vitamins becomes a constant struggle.

I felt like I had won the chronic illness lottery when my doc called with the results of the latest blood work. Finally, a positive result–something to blame. Vitamin D deficiency!


I did a happy dance, and then promptly rested my weary body on the nearest chair.

Who knew one tiny vitamin could wreak so much havoc.  My vitamin D is only about half the level it should be, and it’s doing it’s best to kick me when I’m down.

But I’m fighting back…with lots of gel-filled supplements, a little sunshine, and a whole lot of rest.

Are you a chronic illness warrior? How do you battle against extreme fatigue?

five-minute-friday* Today’s post is brought to you by Five Minute Friday, the word “Rest” and the letter “D”. Think you can hang with the fastest typing bloggers on the Internet? Join us on Lisa-Jo Baker’s site. I’ll read your post after my nap!


3 thoughts on “Who Stole My Vitamin D?

  1. I can relate to the chronic illness side of things! For entirely different reasons (no Crohn’s or Vit D deficiency for me – just other issues) but I totally hear you on how great it is when you get something that’s an answer and something you can do something about (like taking Vitamin D and trying to get out in the sun more!)

    Have you ever looked at Rest Ministries website? The founder is a friend of mine – she does a lot support wise for people who live with ‘invisible illnesses’ (including invisible illness awareness week which is always great). You might appreciate some of what she’s got resource wise!

    Praying for strength and rest and encouragement for you on this journey!

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