A Flock of Friends

With springtime comes sunny days, warm breezes and friends who want nothing more that to run and play and laugh.


It only takes one friend on a swing to attract a whole flock!

I look out my window to watch the Young One swing on her favorite green swing–the one that doesn’t creak when she soars high. Soon, she is joined by one friend, taking the a seat on the noisy yellow swing. Minutes later, I watch as another little friend races across the yard to claim the trapeze between the first two.

Between giggles, they swing and sway and flip and hang.

Then someone…probably my Young One, as her reputation is that of the “ringleader”… yells a dare, “Betcha can’t do this!” I glance up to see her standing on the green swing. Sure enough, her friends won’t be outdone and quickly do the best aerobatic feat a five-year-old can accomplish.

More giggles, then a race up the ladder.

And silence…

What could these three pre-school friends be plotting on a warm April afternoon?  I watch them huddle around the top of the sliding board, and then in coordination with some unseen signal, they give a girly war cry and slide to the grass below.

Then they are off, like a flock of birds. One friend…then two…then three…racing to the next yard…to the next swing set. Then on to a driveway for bikes, scooters and roller skates before taking off for the sidewalk with chalk in hand and artwork on their minds.

A carefree afternoon in the sun.

Just fun.

Just friends.

Just perfect.

Do you remember those all-day plays with your friends? What was your favorite activity?

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6 thoughts on “A Flock of Friends

  1. Oh I LOVE your post, not only does it remind me to look at my own children’s play like this, but it reminds me of some of my favorite playground memories. Thank you.

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