The Comfort of Socks and Time Machines

I carry a sock in my pocket.

This is not a sock. It is a time machine.

This is not a sock. It is a time machine.

Every spring and fall when the morning temperatures start to cool I pull out my lightweight jacket. Eventually, I reach into the pocket for the first time and feel a small bundle of soft cotton. I wonder what I have just found. I pull it out and smile widely because I have just transported myself back in time.

Suddenly, it is no longer, May 2013. It is September 2008, and I have just dropped off the very Young One at daycare. She is only a year old, and this is one of her first days at her new school. We are in a hurry this morning, and I grab shoes and socks on the way out the door, thinking I will somehow save time by putting the footwear on in the class room instead of the bedroom. When we finally find the time to finish dressing, I discover an extra white sock in the ball I’ve grabbed from the dresser.

I quickly stuff it in my pocket, and forget about it…until the next time, I reach in my pocket…and the next time…and the next time…and countless next times for the next five years. Each time I touch it, I see that little baby I fell in love with. Now that little baby has just celebrated her sixth birthday, and I find comfort in that sock.

The sock that forever rides at my hip on frosty mornings is a constant reminder of little feet, little hands and little arms that locked around my neck at daycare pick up.

I have no desire to remove the sock from my pocket.

It transports me to a time when I had started a new adventure as a momma to a girl. It gives me a smile on a cool, rainy day. It makes me laugh at my own silliness. It is my time machine. It is my comfort as my Young One starts her journey to kindergarten and beyond.

This sock will stay in my pocket. Its comfort will warm my soul as I watch my daughter transform from pre-schooler to young girl to young woman. She will grow out of many more socks, but she will never grow out of my heart.

Do you have every-day mementos that give you comfort? What are your time machines?

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4 thoughts on “The Comfort of Socks and Time Machines

  1. This is beautiful.
    My son recently brought me a pink heart-shaped stone back from a school trip. I like stones, hearts and pink so it was perfect.
    That’s what’s in my pocket as a reminder that I love and am loved.
    Thank you

  2. I kept this post in the back of my mind until my thoughts could get around to answering. Then I remembered. I have a gold necklace. It’s from high school/college. Do you know about add-a-bead necklaces? The chain and the beads were all gifts. I wear it when I need to be brave because it reminds me I am loved.

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