Rhythm of Summer

The rhythm of life changes today with the arrival of the summer solstice.

herb garden

My herb garden the evening the Young Oneand I planted it. Today, it is a sea of green leafiness!

Cooking in is happily traded with grilling out. My menu flexibility opens with the abundance offered from my newly planted herb garden. Meals are more flavorful and quicker to prepare, and my wallet is slightly heavier with the savings generated when I harvest from the back deck instead of the local supermarket.

T-ball practice is replaced with swimming practice and with it a welcome switch from metal bleachers to pool-side lounge chairs. The monotony of an endless practice schedule is suddenly much easier to tolerate.


Swim team practice is just plain fun!

Swimming, in general, gives us more options when the Young One inevitably breaks out with a chorus of every momma’s favorite tune, “I’m bored.” Bored with jumping in the water? Here’s a raft…float a while.  Don’t want to float, any more? Try some dive sticks. Need a new game? Take this water blaster and soak your Daddy! All the while, I’ll sip my iced tea, rearrange my towel, and try to remember where I was in my book.

Yes, maybe, I can be enticed into the water too. I might even get my hair wet! Who cares! It’s SUMMER!

Days are longer. Bedtime for the Young One is later. Playing is simply more fun when the weather is warm.

Cherry Margarita, anyone?

Cherry Margarita, anyone?

For the grown ups, reading by the fire is replaced with cocktails on the deck. My personal goal for the summer–test a different drink recipe each weekend.  So far, we’ve sampled pomegranate martinis, cherry margaritas and blueberry mojitos with homegrown mint! And yes, seasonal fruit is a prerequisite for all recipes.

And speaking of fruit…getting healthy nutrition into my pickiest child has never been easier.  Strawberries, blueberries, peaches, oh my! And don’t forget watermelon, cantaloup and plums. Yum!

Summer is here!


I am so looking forward to sitting back, relaxing and letting the rhythm of the season slow my hectic pace.

What’s your favorite season?

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3 thoughts on “Rhythm of Summer

  1. I want to come over and hang out with you! I love your perspective and the freshness of your words! You obviously love the summer! I think my favorite season is the spring. I love hyacinths and daffodils, crisp, blue mornings and robin’s eggs appearing on the tree. I’ve got marinated vegetables waiting for roast on the grill tonight, bring over a few of those drinks and we can have ourselves a good time! Beautiful entry!

  2. Summer used to be my favorite season until I moved to the Arizona desert. Summers here are way too hot to be enjoyed the way you’ve described – which sounds wonderful, by the way. Here’s to you enjoying the rhythm of the season. Cheers!

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