Just Because

I wasn’t planning on visiting the Disney Store on my lunch break a few days ago when I was running errands.  But as I walked passed the store, I heard something call to me, and I knew I wouldn’t be leaving without a present for the Young One. I am simply not capable of ignoring any sign that says, You Must Buy These Things SALE.

Her birthday was two months ago, and I don’t see any gift-giving holidays on the calendar in the near future. So, as I waited in line to pay for Princess Aurora and Prince Philip ( all the while debating going back to the sale wall for the evil Maleficent), I contemplated my response when the Young One asks me the inevitable.

Just because of that toothless smile!

Just because of that toothless smile!

“Why did you get me a present, Momma?”

Just because, honey.

…Just because it was on sale, and I can’t resist a bargain.

…Just because I know Sleeping Beauty is your current favorite fairy tale.

…Just because today you are enamored with princesses, but tomorrow you might enjoy bugs more.

…Just because I want you to believe dreams come true.

…Just because some day you will realize that in order to  find your own Prince Charming, you will  have to meet several wanna-bes along the way.

…Just because some day in fit of teenaged angst you might slam a door in my face and say things that make both of us cry.

…Just because we’ll both know you didn’t mean it.

…Just because one day you will be in college, and I’ll be missing those innocent pre-school days.

…Just because I want you to enjoy your childhood and be a little girl for as long as you can.

…Just because I love to watch your smile light up your eyes.

…Just because I once thought I would never have a little girl to buy dolls for.

…Just because I spent so long waiting for you to fill the hole in my heart.

…Just because every moment I spend with you makes me feel like my own fairy tale came true.

Just because I’m your momma, and just because you’re you.

I got you a present, my sweet, sweet girl,  just because I love you.

Have you ever given or received a “Just Because” present?

five-minute-friday***Today’s post is brought to you by Five Minute Friday and the word “present”.  Join us on Lisa -Jo Baker’s site every Friday for some frantic blogging fun.

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