The Best Post EVER!

When I sat down at my computer two years ago to write this blog’s first post, I envisioned a place where I could record the special events of my life and the crazy things my family was up to.  I was looking for a venue in which to share more than just a picture and few lines of text begging my extended family and old friends from high school to click LIKE.

Sure, Facebook worked for a while, but when the Older One’s bff came to the house for a visit and joked about how I wrote the longest posts on her news feed, I knew I needed something different. I also needed a place to put into words all the feelings that would swim in my head and fester…both exceedingly happy ones that I yearned to share with the world and more subdued ones that I needed to shout out before I submitted to the desire to crawl into bed and attempt to drive them away with the latest Lifetime movie of the week.

Such is the post I penned yesterday and which has since transformed itself into MY BEST POST EVER! I clicked publish then shared the post with a group of like-minded mommas. I went about cooking dinner, and almost dropped a bubbling pizza on top of the Furry One as I starred in awe at the WordPress notification telling me, “Your stats are BOOMING!”–blogger speak for “a whole lotta people are reading your post.”

All through the night I checked those stats to see them still climbing. I responded to comments both on  WordPress and Facebook.

I checked the stats again and again, and by 11:00, I was 10 hits away from exceeding my personal best. When I forced myself to turn off the smartphone at 11:30, I was three away. I woke this morning with numbers on my mind  as I scrolled to yesterday’s stats. I gave a “Whoop” and raised my arms in victory.

I did it! I did it! I have a new “Most Popular” post…leading by one single visit!

To the fellow West Point mom who clicked into my post, liked and commented on it at 11:58 p.m. EST, here is a huge virtual {{{hug}}}! Yours was the click I dreamed about as I slept and which is making me smile all day today!

Thank you for reading and for helping me embrace the fact that I do not travel this journey alone.

What’s your personal best?

zero-to-hero-badge***Today’s Zero to Hero assignment tasked me with writing the post I wanted to write when I started my blog. Since I did that yesterday, I decided to write about why I wanted to write it and how it made me feel.

8 thoughts on “The Best Post EVER!

  1. Thank you for liking my post! It felt like I had just hit the “P” button and I heard the distinctive sound that meant I had a “like”. Hooray for me! And a BIG Hooray for you and your great post and stats! Wow! I can only dream…

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