If the Shoe Fits

Polar vortexes, ice, snow, wind chills…they are all conspiring against me and putting a serious cramp in not only my style, but my sense of self as well.

I don’t like the cold. I definitely prefer balmy ocean breezes to the frigid gusts that have been rattling my window panes the past two days. I’ve been bundled in turtlenecks, scraping frost from the inside of my bedroom windows and spending far more time with my faux fur lined snow boots than my beloved stilettos.

I’m feeling clunky and slow, curiously like my footwear.

The Polar Vortex is cramping my style! #stilettomomma

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I didn’t quite understand this feeling of rugged darkness until I ran across some words of wisdom from a red soled hero of mine.

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally” – Christian Louboutin

I need some warm weather and an occasion to don the perfect pair of pumps to lift my spirits and put an end to this gloominess. In lieu of that, I’ve spent the last few hours on the photo editing and sharing wonder that is Instagram preparing a tribute to all things high-heeled.

Such as the ultimate in desk accessories–the cherry red stiletto tape dispenser. I never go to work without it. I remember when I saw it from across a crowded Staples aisle while shopping on a lunch break. It was love at first sight. I laughed out loud and declared to the everyone within hearing distance, “I have to have that!” I made the purchase, rushed back to my office and showed it off to all my co-workers.

Love my tape dispenser! #stilettomomma

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It was my favorite non-wearable shoe until two Christmases ago, when I participated in an ornament exchange with a group of West Point moms. It was a secret Santa-style of gift-giving, and while I didn’t know who would send me a pretty new trimming for my tree, my Santa certainly knew who I was. The small package was addressed to “Stiletto Momma”, and inside I found an Audrey Hepburn inspired ornament I am sure to treasure for holiday seasons to come.

One of my all time favorite Christmas ornaments. #stilettomomma

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As much as I would love to, I can’t carry that shoe with me every day, but I sure can tote the one that arrived for me with this year’s exchange. The sparkles on the key chain bring a smile to my lips not only because the crystal encrusted open-toed stiletto perfectly fits my personality if not my foot, but because the woman who sent it knew how much I would cherish it.

I love my shoes, not because of the height of the heel or for their color or even for the way they click smartly as I strut about my day. I love my shoes because they make me feel like me. They lift my mood and my confidence, and I miss them when the weather calls for low rubber soles and rounded toes.

So today, as the wind swirled and the temperature plummeted, I eased my chilly toes into a pair of thick socks before I stuffed them snuggly into my warm brown boots. My feet thumped as I headed out the door, but I smiled to myself because I knew what the Young One and I had planned on my return.

We were baking cookies, with pretty little princess pumps stamped on the top!

Stiletto cookies! Yum! #cookies #stiletto #pillsbury

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What are you doing to keep your spirits up during the Polar Vortex of 2014?


3 thoughts on “If the Shoe Fits

  1. I am not a shoe person. I marvel at women like you that enjoy those high pumps and fancy heels. Here I sit recovering from foot surgery, only able to wear ONE shoe and I’m positive it wouldn’t meet your standards. The other shoe I’m wearing is an orthopedic boot and trust me, your pretty feet want nothing to do with that! You still are a fascinating woman that I’m glad I’ve met and I admire the sass and effort you put into your style!

    • I have done THE boot, and believe me I searched and searched for a way to style it up a little. A friend even offered to bedazzle it for me! I declined the offer and focused on the sock that peaked out the toe and shoe on the other foot. I found the cutest Sketchers that even helped with the transition out of the boot. As for the sock–plush, colorful and warm. (I had to wear my boot to a Siberian region of Russia in January. This current polar vortex seems balmy in comparison!)

      • I thought about putting hash marks on the boot marking the days I’ve been in the stupid thing but I’m not sure I want to have more memories of this dumb thing! I could so see you bedazzling your boot. I can’t even imagine wearing the boot in Russia in January! I’m basically stuck here in my house here in NC! You are such a resilient woman!

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