My Hero Wears Camo

I never planned to be an Army wife, yet my husband wore dress blues in place of a tuxedo on our wedding day.

I said "I do" to the Hubs and to the Army.

I said “I do” to the Hubs and to the Army.

I never planned to be an Army mom, yet my son wears ACUs in his college classrooms as a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

My favorite cadet on his way to class.

My favorite cadet on his way to class.

I never imagined the Star Spangled Banner would bring tears to my eyes or that I would be compelled to watch every homecoming video posted on my news feed…or shed tears for those joyous reunions that will never happen.

Since becoming a part of a military family, I feel my heart thump at the sight of an American flag flapping proudly in the breeze and a lump in my throat when it sails at half-mast.

American Flag

I found this flag on the beach last year.

I am humbled to know heroes fight for me every day. I see their pictures in my Facebook feed as my Army Mom network pledges to stay Army Strong. Some of the names I know and often the face is familiar as I read the pleas for prayers and support as a momma sends her child into harm’s way and asks for prayers for a safe return. But most days, the heroes who fight for me are strangers.

They are anonymous men and women who have raised their hands, and with words ringing of commitment and allegiance, they have entered the most honorable of professions. They leave their wives, their husbands, their children and their parents. They put their country above all else, and sometimes they make the greatest of sacrifices.

These are my heroes. They wear digitized camo. They have boots on the ground and courage in their hearts.

In return for their selflessness, I pray…keep them safe…keep them brave…bring them home.

Do you have a hero serving in the military? Give them a shout-out in the comments.

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15 thoughts on “My Hero Wears Camo

  1. touching post, I am in a different country and have no-one close to me in the armed forces, but I send my thoughts and love to any person who protects those who are defenseless and shelters those weaker than them. All men and woman in any uniform from army to policeman are heros. xx

  2. My hero is my son, a Firstie at the United States Military Academy, my Father-in-law who served in the Air Force, my cousin a USMA Grad and 20+ year Veteran, and my future daughter-in-law who is willing to take on my son knowing his future. I’ve shed more emotional tears in the last 3.5 years than my whole life – The Star Spangled Banner always starts them now. Thanks for your post!

  3. My son is a YUK right now at West Point, my youngest will be attending the Air Force Academy. Every single one of these things rang true for me! I’m incredibly proud of both my boys’ decision to serve, but I will always have in the back of my mind the possibility of having a folded flag handed to me. I will keep that thought at bay and concentrate on getting them through the academies!

  4. My great uncle was a POW in Germany for 18months in WWII, my dad is a Navy veteran, my father in law a Marine veteran, my brother serves Special Forces, and my son was enlisted as Airborne Calvary at Ft. Bragg until recruited to West Point, where he is a yearling at West USMA – Class of 2016 – Every Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and each day in between, we continue to keep our troops (past and present) in thoughts and prayers, for their service, safety and to remind each of them that they are not forgotten while away standing guard, waiting to return home to those who love them and hold them dear. We are proud of those men and women who chose to serve. Our American flag still holds my heart, and the sound of the Star Spangled Banner continues to bring a smile to my face, and a tear to my eyes, in remembrance of those who gave all for our freedoms.

  5. You’re singing my song Stiletto Momma!!! See you on the WP Moms’ Page. I think we need to take the beat up ACUs from Beast and make ourselves some hankies for those tears of joy and fear and empathy and hope!!!

  6. Really loved reading this, my boyfriend is a Cow at West Point right now. I can completely relate, I can still remember watching my good friend’s dad deploying as a kid and telling my mom I wouldn’t want to marry a soldier. It’s never like you plan, but I wouldn’t change a thing about our journey though 🙂 good luck to your son!

    • My son is a Cow too. The military life is a hard one, but if you have love and faith in your relationship and work through the hard times together, it is a rewarding one too. Good luck to you and your boyfriend.

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