Meet the “New” Amelia Earhart

When asked the icebreaker question of all icebreakers, “If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would you choose?” I don’t have to think too hard before I answer, “Amelia Earhart.”

Amelia Earhart

Brave AND stylish!

Why? Three reasons:

  1. She was a style maven, and I’d love to compliment her on it.
  2. I love a good mystery, and I’d like to ask her, “What happened to you?”
  3. She was a strong, brave trailblazer during a time when women were supposed to just sit back and watch. She didn’t listen when people told her she couldn’t do the things she dreamed of, and she didn’t give up on her adventure.

If I had been born into a family with the last name of “Earhart”, and someone had thought to bestow on me the first name “Amelia”, I like to think I’d be doing the same thing as the “new” Amelia Earhart–“helping people discover what their version of adventure is”.

Check her out. (I think I’d like to meet her some day too.)  Meet Amelia Rose Earhart, The Woman Flying Around The World In 17 Days.

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