I Want To Write

This is my dream…the number one on my bucket list…the one written in all caps in bold black marker, underlined, circled and boxed and then circled again.


I want to write all the words on the page.

My dream is to write–not just 10 minutes a day or 500 words a post. I want to write all day, every day.

I want to spend my days writing–writing until the pages are full and the story is all out and my fingers hurt and my shoulders pinch and my heading is swimming and my heart rejoices.

I want to look at a blank screen, wonder where to start and magically find the beginning.

I want the story out there for the world to see and read and share.

I want to revel in accomplishment and feel the satisfaction of a job well done.

I want to put aside the excuses and the fears and shut out the voice that taunts, “You can’t.”

I want to shout, “I did it!” instead of whispering, “I wish I had.”

I want to tell a story and build a world full of characters who are brave and heroic, funny and smart, lovable and despised.

I want my work to be my passion and passion be my work. I want to stop saying some day and make today the day.

I want to live the dream. I want to write.

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9 thoughts on “I Want To Write

  1. Then you should WRITE! It took me five years to write my first book and it’s been a blast! I encourage you! Look out vowels, metaphors and prepositions, Stiletto “writing” Momma is coming for you…

  2. I also think you should just DO IT! I’ve decided to take mine one baby step at a time… because I’m tired of waiting till I have enough time, enough quiet, enough money, enough to write about. lol We have different end goals as far as style, but NOW is the time to jump… you ready?

  3. I would say you are writing already. (I love reading your blog each week)
    I suggest you list down your writing goals and tick them off as you go.
    Remember we do not write a novel-but a chapter.
    And we don’t write a chapter-but a paragraph and the paragraph begins with a sentence.
    Of course at the start of your sentence you write a word.
    Good luck

  4. It’s hard to explain the passion I have for writing. You kind of did it for me with this one. My idea of a perfect day would be a day by myself at home, pajama clad, coffee in the pot and my fingers on the keyboard.

    I have to share this one on my FB page. (:

    P.s. FINALLY someone who spells Momma the right way . Lol …I am really enjoying reading your blog.

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