The Fun In Between

I’m finally having some fun!

I’ve been between jobs for a little more than three months now, and while the Hubs likes to say I’ve had a three month vacation, my opinion is a little different. I would agree if I thought the definition of vacation was waking before dawn each morning, making sure the Young One’s belly is full and her hair is brushed before taking her to the bus stop and then coming home to log onto the computer and starting the job hunt, the interview research, the contemplation of an uncertain future.

Sure, I’ve spent my downtime blogging and learning how to do it better. That’s been highly enjoyable except for that nagging bit of guilt when I let myself think about how my family actually depends on me to help out with the finances. That thought inevitably turns around to ponderings of what happens when the severance period runs out. Worry and doubt have no place on holiday.

If I were truly on vacation, I wouldn’t set my alarm. I would wake only when my body starts craving that first hit of caffeine. I would brew a cup of butter toffee Keurig coffee, grab my Kindle and a sunny spot and stay there until I had a desire to do something else.

Maybe exercise would call me next, and because vacations are always sunny and warm, I’d lace on my running shoes and hit the pavement. I’d crank the volume on the iPod and let Katy Perry set the pace while she tells me I’m a champion. I wouldn’t worry how long I stayed out circling the neighborhood. I’d just look at the clear blue sky, feel the warm breeze and be happy to realize I had absolutely nothing better to do than be in this moment.

When my legs finally felt like rubber, I’d find myself back home in search of lunch. I’d probably reach for the Kindle again as I ate, getting lost in someone else’s world and letting the food go cold. Then I’d remember how I left a hidden objects adventure in limbo last night on the iPad, and I’d give it a little of my brain power.

An hour or so later, I’d think about how I want to capture this relaxing day, and I’d power up WordPress. I’d put some words on the screen, add a pretty picture or two depicting my favorite vacation day, click Publish and be happy.

It sounds like a perfect vacation day….It sounds a lot like today.

I have a job offer I’m excited about, and I have little doubt in my ability to pass the drug screen and background check. In 10 days, I’ll be employed again. I’ve unsubscribed to the job search emails. I don’t check LinkedIn every day to see who’s looking at my profile.

I have no more doubt, no more uncertainty, no more reason to feel guilty about doing the things that make me happy.

In 10 days, I’ll wake up early, fight traffic, sit in meetings and work at a desk that is not directly off my foyer. Until I punch in on day one though, I’m on vacation, and I intend to have a little fun in between jobs!

**Inspired by The Daily Post prompt: Nothing But a Good Time.


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