Selfless Courage on Far Away Beaches

I am humbly moved by the sacrifices of the soldiers who invaded the beaches of Normandy France, 70 years ago. I had the honor to visit Normandy in 2006, and the experience has forever changed how I view war and the men and women who raise their hands to say, “I’ll do it.” This is a post I wrote two years ago when the pomp and circumstance of the anniversary of D-Day was noticeably absent. I love our soldiers and can only hope I thank them enough.

Stiletto Momma

I’ve been seeing visions of bomb craters and grave markers today. Both rest atop high cliffs overlooking Utah Beach and Omaha Beach in Normandy, France–the site of bloody battles fought as Allied Forces invaded those beaches in an attempt to liberate Europe from the Germans 68 years ago today.

American Cemetery The American Cemetery near Omaha Beach

For the most part, the anniversary of D-Day goes unnoticed. Unless it happens to be a milestone anniversary like the 50th or the 75th, the media barely mentions the passing of another year. This morning, for example, one of the top stories on NBC’s Today was the recent engagement of Miley Cyrus to Liam Hemsworth, not the remarkable sacrifices made by “the greatest generation.”

Today, however, even with the lack of media coverage and Facebook memes, I can’t seem to stop thinking about those beaches.

Perhaps it is because I have been there. In 2006…

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