1 Month

I am in awe of strong women. Their stories inspire me and stick in times of crisis. The post below was written by one of my favorite bloggers. She “blogged” it with paper and pencil because she is currently sitting in a jail cell waiting for a hearing on a crime she did not commit. She is an inspiration and I wish her continued strength and courage.


It’s been a month since Rara went to jail, and as time stretches on, things seem to be getting harder and harder.

The other day during a discussion, I defined hope as: An intentionally false belief to help you get through a difficult time.

And perhaps that is what is slowly dwindling.  The hope that this might suddenly work itself out.  Some legal higher-up, would come and say, “This has been all a mistake, you really are a good person, you’re free to go.”  An intentionally false belief, to help cushion the initial shock.

Rara has a court date set for the 11th, though from the sounds of it, neither her defender or the prosecutor will make it.  So, she’ll sit and wait by herself all day.  On the bright side she gets away from her cellmate.

Her old cellmate has gone and was replaced by a woman who is in…

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