Wine or Zombies? Such a Tough Decision

Before things get too crazy I need to switch from wine to tea.


Malbec! Malbec! Malbec!

Fortunately, I indulged in a very expensive two ounces of white chocolate peppermint tea yesterday. It is worth every penny of the $10 I spent, and it is brewing as I type. If I disappear for a few moments, it is only because the timer marking the moments to the perfect cup of minty sweetness has told me Nirvana is ready and waiting in a pretty red ceramic mug.

Excuse me while I indulge….

Mmmm…much better.

That bold and spicy Malbec has it’s strong points, but the subtly of creamy candy and mint has a soothing quality grapes can never match.

It’s Sunday evening. Time to get back to reality. Monday morning is on the other side of the moon, and all too soon, my life will be dominated by lunch packing, homework monitoring and bedtime rituals. Add into that a review of upcoming meetings, tasks left incomplete on a gotta-get-outta-here-kinda Friday afternoon, and you have a recipe of doom and gloom sure to send anyone to the bottle.

But I’m sticking with tea. White chocolate peppermint tea….Soothing…calming…relaxing…tea…

But there’s still a quarter of a bottle of Malbec calling my name and a 7 a.m. commute with the worst people on earth on the horizon. Monday morning drivers are the worst. They’re all hungover and half asleep. Surely a wimpy cup of tea can’t combat that.


Wait!  What’s that?

The newest grisly episode of The Walking Dead starts in an hour?

I need all my faculties sharp! My favorite character might get eaten tonight! I can’t be incoherent for that!

Somebody! Quick! Fire up the Keurig!

The Zombies are coming!

**I spend my Sunday nights drinking wine/tea and watching zombies devour fearless survivors.  How do you cope with the impending MONDAY?


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