The Scariest Part

Something scary happened last night.

The Hubs and I took the Young One on a post-Halloween adventure to one of the most-talked about events in our area, the Louisville Jack-o-lantern Spectacular, featuring 5,000 carved pumpkins lighting up a 1/4-mile path through a wooded park.

The theme of this year’s “gourd-geous” art show was A Walk In Time, and it took us on a historic walking tour from the Jurassic Era to modern day. Walk In TimeMany of the pumpkins were carved with traditional spooky and goofy features, and with thousands of them glowing on a dark hillside, we all gave a little shiver.


But that wasn’t the scariest part. That didn’t come until much later.

I didn’t get squeamish at the scenes of medieval massacre…

I didn’t cover my eyes as we walked through the military history section…

I didn’t scream as I stared down a saber tooth tiger from the Ice Age.

Saber Tooth TigerAnd, although at one time, the Wicked Witch of the West gave me nightmares, her and the other Hollywood classics didn’t faze me at all last night.

Even the traditional Halloween horrors didn’t make me run…

No, the scariest part of the evening happened when we arrived back home, and I asked the Young One to tell me her favorite part of the Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular. She thought a moment before declaring the dinosaurs the best carvings she saw that night.

Then she turned to me and in a whisper asked, “Momma? Were the dinosaurs from the 1980s?”



One thought on “The Scariest Part

  1. Wow, some incredible images. You really captured it. Night photos are tough. thank you for sharing and for stopping by. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff. Graet site name btw, fits.

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