Express Yourself

I couldn’t wait to cast my first ballot. As a senior in high school, I believed the greatest civil liberty I had was my right to vote. I wanted to be a part of the thing that makes this country great. I wanted to make a stand and express my opinion.

To my great disappointment, I turned 18 one week AFTER mid-term elections.  My first opportunity to support my candidate was put on hold. My passion for the process didn’t dim, however, and the following May, I stood in line at my polling place as a registered voter and cast my ballot in a Presidential primary.

I walked away feeling empowered and proud to be an American.

While my political views have matured over the year, my passion for the process has not, and on Tuesday, I will take my place behind the curtained cubicle and mark my choices in the 2014 Mid-Term Elections. I will have to rearrange my schedule for the day. I’ll have to take a different route from my office to get to the polls, and I’ll probably have to work through lunch, so I can leave early. This will not be a convenient task at all.

But I will cast my vote, and I’d like to ask you to cast yours too. Our country was founded on the concept of democracy, and democracy will only work for you if you work with it. Cast your ballot. Let your voice be heard. Express yourself.

Use the tool below to learn more about your polling location and your ballot.


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