Flu Shot! Flu Shot!

NaBloPoMoGimme an “F”!…”F”!

Gimme an “L”!…”L”!

Gimme a “U”!…”U”!

Gimme an “S”!…”S”!

Gimme an “H”!…”H”!

Gimme an “O”!…”O”!

Gimme a “T”!…”T”!

What’s that spell?

FLU SHOT!!!!  Whoo Hoo!

We have all officially been immunized against the dreaded influenza here in Stiletto Momma World, and I couldn’t be happier.

Last year, I forgot to get the Young One her shot. Yes, you read that right. I FORGOT! I admit it. I never even thought about it until sometime in February.

Normally, I schedule our shots at the same time, so no one gets left behind. Last year, however, the nurses conveniently shot me up while I was in the hospital recovering from surgery.

I almost forgot I had gotten the shot, let alone scheduled appointments for everyone else. By the time I remembered, we were deep in the middle of the Polar Vortex, and I figured not even the flu bugs were venturing out in the sub-zero weather to wreak havoc.

Once upon a time, the Older One actually got the flu, and that is a week of temperature taking and hardcore mothering I do not care to repeat. So, I worried about that lack of live virus working on the front lines of the Young One’s immune system until about May. Then I heaved a sigh of relief and scheduled reminders on every device I own to guarantee that misstep would not happen again.

Today, she bravely rolled up her sleeve and sucked in a big breath when the nurse jabbed that big needle into her little arm. She didn’t cry, and she walked away with a Ninja Turtle Band-Aid and a red lollipop.


Behind that mermaid is a steaming cup of yumminess!

I got my shot last week. I didn’t cry either, and I declared that the big girl’s equivalent of a red lollipop is a Pumpkin Spice Latte (skinny, no whip, no foam, extra hot, please).

The Hubs got stuck a few weeks ago. He’s not saying if he cried or not, but I haven’t seen any lollipop wrappers or Starbuck’s cups in his vicinity.

As for the Older One, he has vivid memories of that one week when he swore his mother was torturing him with cold baths and choking him with Tylenol. He never misses a flu shot, and he never cries.

We are safe now, and with any luck, we will make it through another year flu-free!

Did you get your flu shot?



2 thoughts on “Flu Shot! Flu Shot!

  1. TWICE. Got mine early (September) then didn’t have the paperwork, so when the Army asked for it (since it’s mandatory for us all to be innoculated – yay herd immunity!) I got another one. I think I’m set 😉

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