Turning a Page

Next week, I turn a year older, and I have big plans to celebrate.

The Hubs thinks my excited anticipation comes from the limo he’s renting to take us and a select group of friends to an adults only celebration, but really the excitement is for the event I have planned for the day before my actual birthday.

I’ll be stopping by the Young One’s school to read to her class. She’s been excited about this since I signed up for the task during Back-to-School Orientation in August. I picked the November reading session mostly because it was the day before my birthday, and I figured I had less of a chance of forgetting the appointment if I planned it around a significant date.

On the first day of school, she started asking me how many days until my birthday and telling me how excited she was to celebrate with me. I was pretty quick to catch on that she was more interested in the date because of my performance in her classroom than in helping me celebrate my big day.

Pirate Princess

The Young One’s depiction of The Pirate Princess.

In mid-September we started planning which books I’d bring to share with her friends. By the end of the month, we had settled on our two favorites, Stanley’s Wild Ride and The Pirate Princess. Each of these is on heavy rotation for our nightly story time.

In Stanley’s Wild Ride, Stanley and his canine friends break out of their yards and highjack all kinds of things with wheels for a joy ride through town. I turn the page where the cops join the action and she supplies the siren sound effects.

Her favorite part of The Pirate Princess isn’t when the heroine discovers gold and becomes a true pirate. Instead, it’s the part where young Princess Bea’s motion sickness gets the best of her. This is when my own pirate princess starts giggling.

I can’t wait for my birthday! I get to be the star of the show and watch my child’s eyes light up as I turn the pages of her favorite stories. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate!

Five Minute Friday***This post was brought to you today by  Five Minute Friday and the word “Turn”.  Join the party over at Kate Motaug’s blog for more great posts inspired by “Turn”.


3 thoughts on “Turning a Page

  1. 1) LOVE your header photo – so much life in it, it’s so brimming with stories
    2) ADORE the fact that you get so excited about reading at school. So do I! I love it!
    3) Happy Birthday!

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