Homework With Flare!

Homework…It’s not glamorous.


The Young One diligently working on Monday night’s assignment.

It is not the highlight of my day. I don’t sit at my desk counting the hours until I get to go home and supervise the Young One’s nightly assignments. I cannot claim to be breathless with anticipation as I wait to see the spelling word list.

Homework…You just have to do it. But no one ever said you can’t add a little flare to your workspace.

That’s exactly the philosophy the Young One and I had when it came to creating her very own homework station this fall. We were going for lots of color and light and ample space to spread out.

The stapler and lamp are her favorite color, red, and the pencil sharpener adds a splash of shocking pink. A quick trip to Target scored us a set of multicolored chevron printed pails to perfectly store markers, crayons and pencils. The fact that they fit perfectly on a pantry-sized lazy susan was an organizational bonus.

We’ve never had so much fun with homework!

The Young One will even sit down in her chair for a full five minutes before announcing she’d rather be outside playing!

Oh well! At least it looks pretty!


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