Picture It: Veteran’s Day

Today, our country celebrates the heroes who have served and continue to serve in our nation’s armed forces. These brave young men and women make sacrifices for our freedom every day. While one day is not nearly enough to express how thankful we are for their bravery, it is a perfect opportunity to take a moment to remember their efforts and let them know that someone appreciates them.

I stopped by the Hallmark store a few weeks ago to prepare for my appreciation. I think I read all the cards before settling on these four.

Veteran's Day CardsThe one on the top is obviously for the Hubs. He was ROTC at Penn State before being commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant in the U.S. Army Infantry.

He’s been a part of Corporate America for the past several years, but he continues to help his fellow veterans. He works for a Fortune 100 company that believes some of its strongest employees got their start in the US Military. The Hubs works on the corporate Veteran’s Network hiring initiative and other activities to support the health and well-being of our veterans when they enter the civilian workforce.

The next card, goes to this fine young man…

BDUsWho grew up to be this fine young man…

The Older One will graduate from the US Military Academy in May, and will discover in just a short 10 days in which branch of the Army he will serve.

A third card will go to a co-worker of mine. He is an Iraq War veteran with the scars and artificial knee to prove it. I’m not in the habit of playing paparazzi in the office, so I don’t have a picture of him to share.

I also don’t have a picture of the person who will receive my final card.

WWII Vet CardThis one will go to a WWII veteran whom I have not met. His story came to me from a fellow West Point Mom who issued a plea via Facebook a few weeks ago to make sure this man is shown the appreciation he deserves.

He stormed the beaches of Normandy and watched his friends fall beside him. Now, as he is growing older and his friends and family are passing on, he believes the sacrifices he made for his country are forgotten.

None of our veteran’s should feel this way. None of us would have the freedoms we enjoy if he hadn’t served his nation during a time of war. I want him to know he is not forgotten. He fought for his country. He made a difference, and I appreciate him.

I hope you’ll join me in thanking a veteran today.


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