100 Thankfuls: Part One

It is November, and that means my Facebook news feed is starting to fill up with friends declaring the things they are thankful for each day until they carve the Turkey in a few weeks. I have never participated in this annual tradition, and I think I might have been missing out on all the fun.

So to make up for my perceived lack of thankfulness over the past few years, I have decided to officially record my list of things for which I’m thankful, but I’m not stopping at 30. I’ve missed at least three years of gratitude, so I am going to list the 100 (yes 1-0-0!) people, things, and concepts that make me the happy, thankful person I am.

I’m a little short on time, so let’s start with the first half…in no particular order except for the various tangents of my mind.

I am forever thankful for:

  1. The Hubs with whom I’ll celebrate 25 years of togetherness next week.
  2. The Older One who made me a momma and impresses me every day.
  3. The Younger One who continues to surprise me every day.
  4. My Dad who gave me his sense of humor.
  5. My Momma who gave me her crafty gene.
  6. The MIL who fills in for me at the bus stop and makes sure I have clean clothes.
  7. Fluffy

    This is the biggest diva in my family.

    The Furry One who is still with us four years after the vet started preparing us for the worst.

  8. The Fluffy One for being the biggest little diva in the house.
  9. The airplane that will bring the Older One home for Thanksgiving for the first time in four years.
  10. An Ebola-free country.
  11. A wide variety of scented hand sanitizers.
  12. Sanitizing wipes at store entrances to keep OPG (Other People’s Germs) off my shopping cart.
  13. Flu shots for the whole family!
  14. Hand sanitizer holders so I can always have a drop of cleanliness with me.
  15. The product marketers who create hand sanitizers/wipes/shots, so I can go on believing I will never be sick again.
  16. SnyderofBerlin.com so I can order an entire case of my favorite BBQ potato chips anytime I want them.
  17. Gloria Jean Butter Toffee K Cups for my Keurig.
  18. Peanut butter for being my go-to snack/meal/protein fix.
  19. Honey crisp apples for going so perfectly with peanut butter.
  20. Popcorn for being the snack of choice for powerful women everywhere.
  21. malbec

    Perfect with popcorn!

    Wine for being the perfect complement to popcorn and powerful women everywhere.

  22. Tea for being exotically spiced and sophisticated.
  23. Mio water enhancer because plain water needs a boost very now and then.
  24. My Kindle, aka my best friend at the pool, at the beach, by the fire…pretty much anywhere.
  25. My FitBit for counting my steps so I don’t have to.
  26. My iPad for keeping me connected.
  27. My smartphone for connecting me on the go.
  28. My boss for letting me work from home when I need to.
  29. My co-workers for not being obnoxious cube-mates.
  30. My Fitness Center for being a short block from the office, so I can squeeze in a quick lunch-time workout.
  31. My employer for being ranked as the number one healthcare company to work for.
  32. Video conferences so I can be present at meetings even when I’m really not.
  33. Screen sharing so I can present at meetings at which I am not.
  34. Web cams so I see the Older One when I’m at home, but he’s not.
  35. Facetime, so I can see the Younger One when she’s at home, but I’m not.
  36. Purple ink because black ink is boring.
  37. Purple ribbons that raise awareness for Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.
  38. Amazon Prime for bringing the joy of “free” two-day shipping to my over-committed life.
  39. Zappos for having a distribution center close enough to me so that anything I order shows up at my door the next day.
  40. Ouidad for making the most amazing curly girl hair products.
  41. Ulta and Sephora for carrying Ouidad products because Ouidad.com does not yet have the power to ship super speedy at no charge and sometimes curly girls have emergencies.
  42. West Point Moms because they are the strongest women I know.
  43. The West Point Moms Facebook community that tells me things about cadet life that my cadet won’t.
  44. The West Point Moms Ornament Exchange for filling my Christmas tree with memories.
  45. The West Point Moms Class of 2015 Facebook group for keeping me sane as we prepare for graduation and commissioning.
  46. Facebook for giving me the opportunity to bond with some of the best friends I’ve never met.
  47. Pinterest for making me believe I can DIY.
  48. Instagram for making my cell phone pics look really cool.
  49. Twitter for giving me a reason to use the # key.
  50. WordPress for giving me an outlet to express myself.

There you have it–the first half of my 100 things for which I am thankful.  Look for the next half sometime before next Thanksgiving!

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