100 Thankfuls: Part Two

Tonight when the Young One sat down to do her homework, I decided it was the perfect time to do mine too.  Her assignment: write a list of five things for which you are thankful. My assignment: finish that list of 100 things for which I am thankful.

So, in no particular order (except for the order in which they popped into my head), I give you numbers 51 – 100.

I am thankful for:

51. Sunny days because they just make you happier.
52. Warm days because they go with the sunny ones.
53. Snow days because it’s best to watch the snow fall from inside the house.
54. Warm boots because warm is better than cold especially when in reference to feet.
55. Hand warmers because they are the best invention for people who prefer warm to cold.
56. Foot warmers because…well…see #54 and #55.
57. Heated seats because you should not leave any body part neglected in the cold.
Fireplace58. Gas fireplaces to keep it all warm.
59. Neighbors who shovel my driveway when the Hubs is away.
60. Neighbors who are also friends because they aren’t always both.
61. Friends who love my kids like their own because it’s good to know they have someone else to go to.
62. Cookbooks so I can keep everyone well-fed with a variety of cuisine.
63. Food Network for showing me how to keep everyone well-fed.
64. Food Network Magazine for making the task of keeping everyone well-fed fun!
65. My education because even though I’ve never gotten paid for using my degree, I still have one.
66. The example I’ve set for my kids with my education because going to school is what gets you places.
67. My health because these days I’m having more good days than bad.
68. My doctors for not just seeing dollar signs when I walk through the door.
69. My dentist because I had a dental emergency this week, and he worked me into his schedule the same day.
70. Flexibility to take time off from work to go to the doctor/dentist without question.
71. My boss who understands that I am capable of working even though I have Crohn’s Disease.
72. Being able to apply my personal healthcare experience to my job in healthcare.
73. Fitness challenges that keep me motivated to work out.
74. Hot water in the fitness center shower because half the time there isn’t any.
75. Scandal because we need gladiators in suits.
76. Grey’s Anatomy because there’s nothing wrong with scrubs either.
77. Having interesting life events to blog about.
78. Friends and family who are okay with me blogging about them.
79. Friends and family who read my blog.
80. Virtual friends who read my blog.
81. Complete strangers who read my blog.
82. Having a job to go to everyday.
83. A warm house to come home to every night.
84. Scented lotion because perfume gives me a headache.
85. Fabreeze because a lot of other intense scents give me a headache too.
86. Downey Wrinkle Reducer because ironing clothes should be banned and this is the first step in its downfall.
87. Lint rollers because wearing other people’s/animal’s hair/fur is just weird.
88. My Spot Bot because sometimes puppies have accidents.
89. Twenty-five years with the Hubs because togetherness is a good thing.
90.Having traveled the world and visited places like Novokuznetsk, Russia and Paris, France.
91. Finding my daughter in Novokuznetsk, Russia.
92. Having traveled small town USA and visited places like Lagrange, IN and Big Prairie, OH.
93. Growing up in small town USA (DuBois, PA).
94. The amazing young man my son has become.
95. Being a football mom.
96. Being a soccer mom.
97. Surviving life as a coach’s wife
98. Champagne because you always need a backup for red wine.
99. My camera because without it, I’d just be words on a page.
100. MY SHOES because without them, I’d just be “Momma”…but then again, what’s wrong with that!


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