Dear Santa

Dear Santa,


Our elf once slipped off the shelf and was miraculously saved by a stocking!

I’m sorry I forgot to move Elf three nights ago and sent my youngest child into a Christmas spirit panic. I really did feel awful when she came to me all teary-eyed and confessed that even though she didn’t remember doing it, she must have touched the scout elf you sent us and plunged her into some kind of child-germ induced coma.

I’m sorry I then quickly lied to her as I bent over the seemingly lifeless sprite. “No, Sweetie,” I called after stealthily poking the elf into a slightly shifted position. “She did move! She’s just a tricky elf. She came right back to the same spot to see if we noticed the difference.”

That was a good save on my part, so I’m hoping my quick thinking counteracts the effect of my previous blunder. Am I still on the Nice List, or has my forgetfulness (which, by the way, is a symptom of CSSS – Christmas Spirit Stress Syndrome) landed me on the Naughty List?

I have now set three nightly alarms on all of my devices, and frantically searched Pinterest for the most creative elf antics. I promise I’ll make up for this.


Last year, Elf TP’d the Christmas tree and fashioned one two-plied end into a zipline.

I’ll let Elf zipline through my living room and slurp syrup in my pantry. I’ll even let her make a “snow” angel on my kitchen counter, knowing that the following evening I will have to spend an extra hour cleaning the sticky powdered sugar snow residue from Elf’s red leggings. And if Elf wants to make out with Ken in Barbie’s dream house, I suppose I can look the other way.

If that’s what it takes to get me back on the Nice List, I’ll do it. Just please, please, please bring me those red suede stiletto booties.

Yours in Stressed Out Christmas Spirit,

Stiletto Momma


2 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. Oh, so funny! I did the Elf thing one year and, really, it was just so much trouble! And my littles sort of got over it really quickly anyway, so it was relegated to the ‘storage box of Christmas decorations (well hidden within it, of course)…..perhaps just perhaps, however, he might make a comeback for a few nights….who knows 😉 [Time – and level of tiredness – will tell!]

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