206 Email Responses Later…

Who are the people who click “Reply All” without looking at the email distribution list, and how do I remove them from my life?

Reply AllFortunately, this doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s enough to make me wonder where my co-workers common sense has gone. Today, as my email notification tone suddenly went from a nice soft “ding” to something approaching a synthesized medley of show tunes, I wondered what kind of sick mind came up with “Reply All” to begin with.

It started at 3:21 when some unsuspecting person in “Enterprise Support” (whatever that is) replied to someone’s request for support and copied two other distribution groups… which apparently included several thousand hardworking employees.

At 3:23, Michelle C. clicked the fateful “Reply All” button with an innocent,”I don’t think this should have come to me.”

I have to hand it to you, Michelle. You are a trendsetter!

Thirty minutes later, I had 179 email on the subject.

InboxShortly after The Reply Heard Round the Corporation, Louise D. told us all that she thought the sender had the sent the email to the wrong Louise.

Probably more than one wrong Louise, by the looks of things.

Email #46 from Stacy P. (at 3:31) declared, “I shouldn’t be included in this email.”

You and about 11,000 other people.

Then came a flurry of  “Me too,” and “Ditto,” and “What he said,” and finally, “Stop replying to all.”

At 3:53, there was a brief silence, then…

“Me too.”

“Same here.”


“Please remove me from this distribution.”

“Me too.”

“Same here.”


We were up to 181 when Darren E. chimed in with his helpful tip: “This wasn’t meant for you.  Please delete it.”

Thanks, Darren. I wasn’t able to pick up on that in the first 180 responses.

Response #190 from Dan R.: “DO NOT REPLY TO ALL!”

He very thoughtfully put it in all caps and changed the subject line, which makes it stand out from the others, but totally messes with my count.  

I have to track two subject lines now, Dan.  Thanks for that!

At 4:21, Michael D., summed up the afternoon’s festivities with his very eloquent response:

ConfusedI had a few instant message conversations going on throughout this mayhem.  We’re taking bets on how long this will last and what the final count will be.  My money’s on two hours and 262 emails. At close of business, the tally was just over 200.

I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow.  We might actually be in the news as the company that finally broke Microsoft Outlook!


3 thoughts on “206 Email Responses Later…

  1. This cracked me up. I know this quite well.

    The best part of now working for a very geeky company is when there was an email that went to everyone that didn’t belong, one of the executives took the time to create a hilarious meme mocking the person’s mistake and shutting down all the “me too’s” and “this doesn’t belong to me”.

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