The Dance of a Confident Girl

DanceLike most moms of girls, I once had visions of my little princess twirling on stage in a pretty pink tutu. I heard tap shoes in my dreams and saw piles of sequined leotards in my future.

The Young One did try dance class once upon a time, and when requested, she would give us all a living room performance of what she had learned. She also went through a Justin Bieber phase where she would crank up the iPod and pretend she was one of the thousands of screaming, dancing fans at his latest concert. Fortunately, that crush was short-lived.

However, once she set foot on the soccer field, her interest in dance performance also faded.

Now, instead of tap shoes and ballet slippers, she wears cleats and tennis shoes. She flies down the field with her pony tail bouncing behind her, and she is happy…happier than she ever seemed while trying to master the complex steps of the latest dance routine.


Instead of teaching her Barbies to plié, she uses her teddy bear as a football and rushes in for the winning touchdown.

My princess is an athlete, a sporty girl, a wonder. She has found her identity on the sports field, and it fits perfectly with my image of the strong confident girl I have always hoped she’d be.

***Today’s post is brought to you today by Five Minute Friday and the word “dance”. Stop by Kate Motaung’s site to read more interpretations of “dance” or link up your own!

7 thoughts on “The Dance of a Confident Girl

  1. That’s amazing 🙂 I’ll admit I’m still dreaming of tutus and tap shoes for my Lilly, but she’s barely 2 right now and honestly I’ll be happy with whatever she chooses to do 🙂

  2. Your daughter sounds delightful, definitely her own person! And I bet she’s always dancing her way into your heart as you watch her grow with glowing pride. Thanks for sharing her story. Blessings from your #FMF neighbour! 🙂

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