Picture It: Graduation

I’ve mentioned before that the past few months have been a little crazy. I’ve had a perfect storm of life events, and I feel like I’ve broken some kind of mom code by not blogging about the greatest accomplishments of the Older One’s 22 years. After all, over the span of just three short days in May, he went from being a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point to being a college graduate to becoming an officer in the United States Army.

How does any self-respecting mom, let alone one with a blog, not at least post a picture about all that? Maybe it’s because I can’t find just one picture that sums it all up.

It could be that moment after the graduation parade when all the Firstie families flooded the parade field to congratulate their favorite cadets for coming so far in four short years….


It could have been later that night when he donned my favorite West Point uniform to escort his favorite people to the graduation gala….


Then again, it could have been when he finally collected his diploma from the General….


Or when his father and I clipped his new 2nd Lieutenant bars to his shoulders…


But maybe it was a few minutes later when he raised his hand to be commissioned into the Army….


Or a few minutes after that when he received his first salute from the enlisted soldier who also happened to be his mentor…


But as I think about it now, I’m pretty sure, the one picture that says it all, is the one that makes my heart swell with pride and a smile break across my face. It’s the one that says he’s brave and strong and selfless. It’s the one that shows me the man of character he has become…an officer in the United States Army.



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