Thanksgiving Decisions

I have always had a hard time making decisions. When faced with choices, I’ll research, then compare, then get opinions, and finally make a choice. But then…I’ll second guess and change my mind and triple guess then change it again.

Just imagine how challenging menu planning for Thanksgiving is! 


 Should I brine or roast the bird? Up until about five minutes ago, I was set on trying my hand at brining. Then I made the mistake of checking the recipe I had found in the latest issue of Food Network Magazine. I flipped a little too far in the magazine, and landed on “Cajun Bourbon Roasted Turkey”. 


Now, I’m back to roasting…at least for the time being…I think…

 That’s settled. Now, how about pies? Should I stick with tried and true pumpkin or kick it up a notch with “Vanilla Bourbon Pumpkin Pie”? I’m sensing a theme with the bourbon. Themes are good. 

But “Apple Berry Twist” is different, and I definitely don’t like to be predictable. “Apple-Pear Crumble” could work for that too. 

However, there’s nothing saying I can only make one pie. Maybe I’ll do all three…plus two turkeys…and six sides…ooh and three variations on mashed potatoes…and don’t forget the bourbon-laced gravy.  

I think I might need to start looking for Thanksgiving leftover recipes!


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