Exciting Day at Work #212

Today, I can officially add “excavator” to my resume.

While killing time between meetings, I was faced with a critical business decision: start Mundane Task #1 or continue Tedious Task #2.  I opted instead to clean out my purse.


It really is “more than a gift card”!

In doing so, I successfully unearthed two crumpled receipts, a candy wrapper, a few empty Lactaid packets (every lactose intolerant girl with a latte addiction needs a handy supply of lactase enzymes in her purse), two appointment cards and an unused Starbucks gift card.

That sounds like a successful excavation to me.

RESUME UPDATE: Ability to locate and retrieve  lost artifacts buried for extended periods of time.

The added bonus to my mid-morning procrastination break…I now need to register that gift card on Starbucks’ website and upload the balance to my account.  If I work it right, I could kill another 10 minutes and rightfully move “prioritization” to the top spot on my LinkedIn skills list!

After that, I’m heading to Starbucks for a latte.

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