Stiletto Momma’s ABCs

Every once in a while I need to challenge myself. I’d say that’s pretty good advice to anyone.

Stuck in a rut? Do something new.

Bored with the same-old-same-old? Kick it up a notch.

Can’t seem to get motivated? Take a different path, and see where it goes.

Get called out by your oldest child for being absent from your own blog? Gulp, make a few excuses, and sign up for the nearest blogging challenge.

Yes, that last one is me. On a recent visit home, the Older One mentioned that he hadn’t seen a new piece of original writing from his favorite blogger in a while.

A to Z Challenge 2016I acknowledged that I hadn’t contributed my fair share of original content lately, and then I did what any self-respecting momma would do…. I promised to make up for my lapse and never let it happen again.

I then devoted the next ten minutes to scouring my favorite blogs for inspiration. It didn’t take me long to realize my timing was pretty good. Post after post told me about each writer’s participation in a blogging event taking place for the entire month of April. The “A to Z Challenge” challenges bloggers to post each day (except Sundays) in April with a theme based on a letter of the alphabet.

This seemed to be the perfect challenge since my son’s prompting was what sent me on the quest that led to the discovery of the challenge in the first place.  His favorite book as a child, after all, was Dr. Seuss’s ABC.

ABCThe book was in heavy rotation back when he was little enough to want to curl up in a rocking chair with his momma and listen to the simple stories favored by toddlers. I read it so often I barely had to look at the pages to tell him which crazy Seuss character started with each letter.

A decade and a half later, when his sister came along, I unearthed the tattered volume from a box of keepsakes and found I could still recite the text without opening the cover. The only reason we flipped the pages was so she could look at the pictures.

So, while Dr. Seuss may have declared,

“Big ‘A’ little ‘a’. What begins with ‘A’?
Aunt Annie’s Alligator! A…A…A.!”

I say, A is for Another Awesome Challenge and the first installment of Stiletto Momma’s ABCs!

Now, what should I write about tomorrow?

Big ‘B’ little ‘b’…What begins with ‘B’…?


5 thoughts on “Stiletto Momma’s ABCs

  1. I used to love Dr. Seuss while growing up. I even had the VHS tapes of the stories and loved watching them with my siblings. Good memories!!

    B…bucketlist! That’s what’s on my agenda. Have a happy Friday!

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