Get the BOOT!

If the name of this blog didn’t make it completely obvious, let me clarify…I have a thing for shoes.

The first emails I open each day are the ones marketing the latest is footwear fashion, and the thing that gets me out of bed and to the office some days is the fact that once I get there, I’m less than a mile from one of my favorite shoe stores.

When we moved into our new house last year, I made a list of all the spaces that needed updating. At the top of that list was my closet, which very clearly was not designed by someone with even a moderately sized shoe collection. I wasn’t satisfied until the new shelving was installed, and I was able to organize my beloved shoe collection by style (open-toe on the left, closed toe on the right), then by heel height (high on the top, low on the bottom), and finally by color (in rainbow order, naturally).


The BOOT (shown with casual sandal and optional crutch).

Now, I am thrilled to announce that because I am on the cutting edge, I have the privilege of introducing the newest footwear trend, just in time for fall. The BOOT!

It may seem a little rigid at first, but the amazing thing about this new style is you only wear the BOOT on one foot, giving it limitless possibilities.  On the other foot, you use your own unique style.  Try it with a sandal or a ballet flat. An athletic shoe works too, and a sky-high stiletto really makes a statement.

I actually started wearing the BOOT in mid-July after a visit to a local hospital made it obvious this trend was here to stay. Everyone in the waiting room was wearing it. Young people, old people, men, women. With the versatility and the mass appeal, this is one trend I needed to be in on, and I knew there was no way I was leaving that office without a BOOT of my own.

Since I’ve been wearing mine, I’ve noticed the trend becoming even more popular. I’ve seen another woman and a teenage girl sporting their own BOOT at the pool. I’ve also seen a man flaunting his at the grocery store. I’ve even had to pry it off the Young One’s foot a time or two.

I am fully committed to the BOOT. I rarely take it off. It goes with absolutely everything, and every occasion is a BOOT-worthy one. A dinner out with friends?…Wear the BOOT.…Cheering in the stands at a swim meet or soccer game?…Wear the BOOT….Back-to-school shopping?…Wear the BOOT….Coffee on the patio?…Wear the BOOT….  There is no place I won’t go without the BOOT.

It even has some amazing optional accessories. Get the BOOT, and try yours with a matching set of high-quality aluminum crutches, with or without padded arm and hand-grip cushions. You can also consider an upgrade to a self-propelled knee scooter, which really shows off the BOOT and calls attention to the chunky lines and whimsical wrap-around Velcro closures of this up-and-coming style.


The BOOT (shown with knee scooter upgrade).

Once you start wearing the BOOT, you will notice your own popularity increase exponentially. Complete strangers will stop you on the street, in the office, and even in the parking lot to demand you tell them how they can get one too.

“Oh my goodness,” the office-mate who has never spoken to you before, will gush. “How did you get that?”

Random men on the elevator (which you will now be able to ride from the first floor to the second floor without guilt) will slyly wait for everyone else to exit before whispering, “What did you do to get that?”

In the restroom, while you patiently wait for an able-bodied person to finish their phone conversation in the handicapped stall, women will demand you tell them how much longer you get to wear the BOOT.

You might be inclined to freely share your opinions on how they too can acquire the BOOT, but I recommend vague responses that add to the allure of your BOOT. Otherwise you might get a call from HR outlining the other ways you can spend your time with your BOOT.

Yes, the BOOT is here to stay! I’m not taking mine off until at least Christmas.

Talk to your podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon today, and ask how you too can get the BOOT!


5 thoughts on “Get the BOOT!

  1. Ugh! I’m sorry you have to go through this ordeal, but am glad for your ability to see humor (and share it) in the situation. Hope the healing is quick!

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