Take a tour through my home, and you see many shoes.  Little pink tennis shoes have been kicked off by the back door as my daughter hurriedly moves from bus stop to soccer practice. A pair of shiny gold football cleats rests on display in my son’s room–a keepsake from the first Army Navy game of his college football career. In a closet sits a scuffed pair of Army boots from the days my husband served his country, setting the example for our son as he prepares to follow the same path at the United States Military Academy at West Point. In a dresser drawer in my daughter’s room are the tiny flower embellished shoes she wore out of an orphanage in Russia the day we finalized her adoption into our family.

At the heart of the house are my shoes–the pointy-toed heels I wear to the office…the low heeled riding boots that take me from grocery store to dry cleaner to teacher conference…the comfortable loafers that kick back at soccer, gymnastics and swim practices…the tennis shoes that keep me in shape…the fur lined boots that keep my toes warm when I cheer for Army to finally beat Navy…and the slippers I slide my feet into when I come home from a Crohn’s Disease infusion treatment.

Yes, I wear many shoes. Each has a different purpose and some are more comfortable than others. The flip flops slide on easily for a relaxing visit with friends. The stilettos are harder to wear, but when you finally get used to the feeling and no longer have the fear of falling, you walk tall and confident. Life is full of stilettos.

If you’ve come here in search of fashion advise or a commentary on the latest footwear trends, I’m sorry to say you will rarely find it here. This blog is not so much about the shoes as it is about the people who wear them. It’s about the challenges of raising a young daughter to find her own identity and about the pride and accompanying uneasiness of being an Army mom. It’s about working moms and stay-at-home moms and moms who work at home. It’s about football moms and soccer moms and moms who cheer at the sidelines of life. It’s about putting on your stilettos, falling down a time or two and getting up to try again.

Welcome to Stiletto Momma’s closet where the best shoes are still to be found.


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