Blogging Challenges

I love a good challenge, especially one that gets my mind working and my fingers typing. Fortunately, the blogosphere is full of challenges for us blogging people. I’ve found a few that work for me…they inspire me, make me think beyond my comfort zone and add a little spark of excitement.

Here are the ones I submit posts for on a regular basis, links to the challenge website and links to my entries.

Five Minute FridayFive Minute Friday. This is the challenge in which I participate most often. Challenge owner Lisa-Jo Baker posts a new one-word prompt every Friday at the stroke of midnight (or pretty close to it), and those who accept the challenge have a whole five minutes to blog about that word. There’s just one catch…no editing allowed!

Read my Five Minute Friday posts.

wordpress-logos-300px-12Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge. If I really want to stretch myself, I’ll write a post for the Weekly Writing Challenge. These challenges often call for unique writing styles, so when you read something from me that seems like it might not fit or you think I might have lost my blogging mind, my defense is, “The Challenge made me do it!”

Read my Weekly Writing Challenge posts.

zero-to-hero-bannerZero to Hero. On January 2, 2014, my favorite blog platform (WordPress), launched a 30-day challenge that promised to take my favorite blog (Stiletto Momma, of course) from zero to hero with a short assignment posted at noon every day for the entire month. The challenge doesn’t require a post every day, and while I’ve complete every assignment (changing theme, adding social media and commenting on other blogs among other things), I have chosen not to write about every one of them. Hopefully, you’ve seen and appreciated the changes as I’ve played along.

Read my Zero to Hero posts.


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