Weekend Coffee Share – 4/16/16

Coffee ShareIf we were having coffee, I’d tell you to keep your jacket on. It’s a beautiful spring morning, and I want to have coffee on the patio. The sun is shining today since the the clouds have finally decided to spend their time elsewhere. The trees are full of birds, and their trilling song is what pulled me out of bed before everyone else this morning.

This is my favorite time of the day–that hour before the rest of the house is awake. I can read in peace. I can write in peace. I can sip my coffee leisurely rather than setting the cup down every 10 minutes to make someone’s breakfast, find someone’s socks or have a conversation about the conversation we had last night.

Why is it that the rest of the family interprets the sight of me with a book and a cup of coffee as an invitation to ask me to do something? They’re jealous, aren’t they, or maybe they are threatened by my Kindle. I can’t blame them–that six inch anti-glare screen has a tendency to pull me in and not let me go for hours on the weekend. But really…they can have my undivided attention every waking hour of any other day. Just give this one hour of peace and quiet on the patio this morning.

img_0226Anyway, even though the sun is shining, it’s still a little chilly, and Fluffy and Furry have already claimed the sunny spots on the love seat. You probably want to keep your jacket on unless, of course, you want to fight the pups for the sun. I warn you though, Fluffy is a diva this early in the morning, and she won’t be happy if you displace her.

You could try for Furry’s spot as well, but he’s old and frail and probably doesn’t have too many more sunny mornings on the patio in his future. Why would you take that away from him? Why?

Just leave your jacket on and sit in the that shady spot over there. It’s still a nice place to sit on an early spring morning.

I hope you brought a book to read.  We won’t be having much of a conversation this morning.  I just started the Outlander series, and I’d like to spend an hour or so in Scotland before I have to help the Young One get ready for her soccer game.

If we were having coffee, we’d silently sit on the chilly patio with the dogs sunning themselves and the birds singing high above us. We’d have a steaming cup of coffee in one hand, a book in the other, and we’d enjoy the quiet before a busy day.

**Today’s post was inspired by Part Time Monster and the Weekend Coffee Share.


M is for Magic Eight Ball Tells No Tales

MEveryone experiences moments of uncertainty—those times when no matter how hard you think, you just can’t find the answer. You’re under pressure to deliver, but for the life of you, you can’t make a decision.

I was going through such a time yesterday. I needed an answer, but my brain just wouldn’t cooperate. I asked the Young One for suggestions. I even went to the Hubs for help, but unfortunately this is neither of their areas of expertise. It is all up to me.

So, late last night as I lay sleepless, I knew what I needed to do. It smacked of desperation, but I honestly could not think of an alternative.

I needed to ask the Almighty Eight to give me clarity. Under the cover of darkness, I crept into the Young One’s room. It sat on the nightstand, shining in the moon-glow. Its one round white eye beaconed me into the room.

I picked it up, and found its weight oddly comforting. The faint slosh from its insides whispered to me like an old friend.

Quietly, I began the ritual…

Shake, shake, shake. “Oh, Gr-Eight One,” I chanted. “Will I be able to come up with a good blog post starting with the letter ‘M’ tomorrow?”


Photo Source: David Bergin (CC by 2.0)

A slow turn for the answer…

“Outlook not so good.”

Just as I feared.

A thought crossed my mind. Maybe I had been too specific with my question. I tried again.

Shake, shake, shake. “Oh, Gr-Eight One, will I write an ‘M’ blog post tomorrow?”

Turn. Wait for bubbles to clear…

“As I see it YES.”


The weight of the burden I had carried all day fell from my shoulders. Finally, I had clarity. I would succeed in publishing the “M” installment of my A to Z Challenge. It just wouldn’t be a particularly good one. I can live with that.

I returned the orb to its spot on the stand and walked back to my own bedroom. Not long after, I fell into a sound sleep protected by the knowledge that the Magic Eight Ball tells no tales.

Stiletto Momma’s ABCs

Every once in a while I need to challenge myself. I’d say that’s pretty good advice to anyone.

Stuck in a rut? Do something new.

Bored with the same-old-same-old? Kick it up a notch.

Can’t seem to get motivated? Take a different path, and see where it goes.

Get called out by your oldest child for being absent from your own blog? Gulp, make a few excuses, and sign up for the nearest blogging challenge.

Yes, that last one is me. On a recent visit home, the Older One mentioned that he hadn’t seen a new piece of original writing from his favorite blogger in a while.

A to Z Challenge 2016I acknowledged that I hadn’t contributed my fair share of original content lately, and then I did what any self-respecting momma would do…. I promised to make up for my lapse and never let it happen again.

I then devoted the next ten minutes to scouring my favorite blogs for inspiration. It didn’t take me long to realize my timing was pretty good. Post after post told me about each writer’s participation in a blogging event taking place for the entire month of April. The “A to Z Challenge” challenges bloggers to post each day (except Sundays) in April with a theme based on a letter of the alphabet.

This seemed to be the perfect challenge since my son’s prompting was what sent me on the quest that led to the discovery of the challenge in the first place.  His favorite book as a child, after all, was Dr. Seuss’s ABC.

ABCThe book was in heavy rotation back when he was little enough to want to curl up in a rocking chair with his momma and listen to the simple stories favored by toddlers. I read it so often I barely had to look at the pages to tell him which crazy Seuss character started with each letter.

A decade and a half later, when his sister came along, I unearthed the tattered volume from a box of keepsakes and found I could still recite the text without opening the cover. The only reason we flipped the pages was so she could look at the pictures.

So, while Dr. Seuss may have declared,

“Big ‘A’ little ‘a’. What begins with ‘A’?
Aunt Annie’s Alligator! A…A…A.!”

I say, A is for Another Awesome Challenge and the first installment of Stiletto Momma’s ABCs!

Now, what should I write about tomorrow?

Big ‘B’ little ‘b’…What begins with ‘B’…?

A Handful of Thankfuls

Thanksgiving week is finally here! The turkey is thawing in the fridge. The menu is planned. The wine is chilling, and the pantry is fully stocked. Aside from actually roasting the bird and baking the pies, I think I’m ready for the big day.

The only thing left to do is actually take some time to reflect on those things that rise to the top of my “Forever Thankful For” list. I could throw down a top 100 list like I did last year, but the 2.0 version probably wouldn’t be that much different from the original. So this year, I’m going to keep my thankfuls to a handful of things I couldn’t do without.

Embed from Getty Images

I am Forever Thankful For:

My Family. So many things changed for me over the past six months, but the most important thing has stayed the same. The Hubs is still right by my side. My kids still keep me smiling. My pups still make me laugh. My parents still support me in whatever endeavor I pursue, and my MIL still fills in when she’s needed. It’s this unconditional love that reminds me where we put our roots doesn’t matter nearly as much as who our roots are connected to.

My Job. Even though I had to move my home this year, I didn’t have to move my job. Moving and starting a new job both make the list of most stressful life events. As the trailing spouse, I’ve had to do both at the same on several occasions. Doubling up on top stressers again is really not on my bucket list, so I am grateful to have an employer that embraces a virtual and flexible workforce.

My GPS. Siri and I have a classic love/hate relationship, but I honestly don’t know how I did the moving-to-a-new-city thing without my favorite computerized girl giving me turn by turn directions.

My Pinterest Boards. Without this social media marvel to keep me organized and inspired, the Young One would not have had a rock star birthday or a Hermione Halloween costume. My St. Patrick’s Day party might have featured green beer instead of craft beer, and I might have lost that link to “Moving Day Made Easy”. I frequently called on Pinterest this year to help make everything seem effortless. It’s always nice to have someone else do the hard parts for you.

My Blog. I pushed it aside for several months, but I have come to realize over the past 23 days that blogging turns a light on. Sometimes, it is a huge spotlight that puts an event on display and gives me a reason to write, but sometimes it’s just a bare light bulb popping on over my head. Those are the moments–when inspiration strikes during an otherwise mundane email check or a routine Brownie Scout meeting–that make me drop everything, change the schedule and type with a frenzy and a smile on my face. The light bulb moments are the ones that keep me coming back to the blog, and the blog is what keeps the light bulb moments coming back to me.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

The Fluffy One Speaks

Around this point in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month) many bloggers hit a wall. The ideas dry up and the words stop flowing. The concept of posting a blog each day for 30 days sounds simple enough, but by day 18, the pressure to string together original musings each day is daunting.

I actually planned for this to happen, and on Oct. 30, I plotted out a very detailed calendar of what I would post each day. I was very impressed with my organization, until the whole thing blew up earlier this week. I had planned to re-post a blog I had written a few years ago (yes, that is acceptable during NaBloPoMo). It was the perfect time to pull it out again, but when I went to do the whole copy/paste thing, I realized I had already done that last year!

I moved the post intended for today to Monday, leaving me with a big hole in my editorial calendar. Since I am out of creative ways to fill the gap, I’m reaching into the Bag ‘O Blogger Tricks and am enlisting a guest blogger to fill the hole and give you a fresh idea. She is a beautiful girl I have known for about three years, and I know you will enjoy her perspective as much as I do.

So, in her blogging debut, I give you…the Fluffy One!


My name used to be Audrey, and I was a scruffy thing when I met Momma.

I mean my hair was a complete mess, and I was in no condition to accept visitors, especially someone as important as her. My tail was one big tangle, and my ears..! I don’t think they had ever had a proper trim, not like the expensive cuts I get now anyway. My color was all off too. My hair had a yellow tint to it, but it’s supposed to be snow white.

You have no idea how nervous I was when Momma walked into my room at that hotel.  She was so glamorous in those spikey shoes. How could someone like that want to have anything to do with someone so disheveled?

But I think she saw my potential.  She sat with me on a rocking chair and brushed the hair out of my eyes. I took the opportunity to show her how big and brown they were.  I opened them really wide and looked up at an angle like I’d seen some of the other dogs do when they got visitors. 

I didn’t know a whole lot about people back then, not nice ones anyway. So, I was afraid to make any noise. I just sat and listened to her heartbeat while she talked to the lady in charge–the one who took me from that last hotel. 

“Audrey just came to us last week,” she said. “She was wandering by herself in eastern KY. She was probably turned out by a breeder because she is so small. We said we’d take her because we’re a no-kill shelter.”

No-Kill Shelter…I always thought that was an odd name for a hotel.

Anyway, I rocked with Momma, and I listened, and I tried not to think about the scary time on my own in the woods and the time before that when I was with someone who didn’t love me enough to care what happened when four pounds of fluff is left to fend for herself.

“She’s been a little quiet, but we think she’s going to be a diva,” the lady said. “That’s why we named her Audrey, after Audrey Hepburn.”

“Really,” Momma laughed, and turned me around, so she could look into my eyes. “Audrey Hepburn is one of my idols, and if you’re a diva, you’ll fit right in!”

fluffyWe rocked some more, and then Momma gave me back to the lady. I got scared again, but she said she’d be back in a few days. For obvious reasons, I wasn’t very big on promises. But she did come back, and she brought a big guy and a little girl too. 

When they left, they gave me a fancy necklace and said I could go with them! They were going to a place called “home”. I had never been there before, and since I’ve always wanted to travel abroad, I agreed to go.  

Everything’s changed since the scary time. I have my own bed now and a pink leash and a box of toys that squeak! I even have a brother, Furry, who showed me the ropes and taught me how to be a best friend.

Life with FAMILY is pretty special, and I’m happy to be a diva with my Momma.

NaBloPoMo 2015

I’ve been away for while, and for the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to find a way to explain why my posts have been so infrequent non-existent lately.

I could say I’ve been:NaBloPoMo

  • Basking in the sun on a private island
  • Traveling Europe in search of the perfect high-fashion footwear
  • Sailing the seven seas
  • Locked in a room with no wifi
  • Serving on the jury of a high-profile trial and sequestered from the rest of society
  • On a book tour publicizing the drama that went into the above jury’s months-long deliberation
  • Put into the Witness Protection Program because I know too much about what REALLY happened!
  • Killing zombies and praying I don’t get bit in the process!

Yes, I would LOVE to say any one of those things kept me from blogging my heart out for the past six months, but shocking as it may seem, I haven’t done any of those things (except for the zombies–more on that later, though).

Here’s the Cliff Notes version of what actually kept me from my favorite online place. In the past few months, I have:

  • Planned and hosted a rock star super-mega slumber party for a posse of first graders
  • Created an award-winning chili cook-off recipe
  • Won a spring-time cocktail “drink-off” contest after taste-testing a multitude of cocktail recipes (someone had to do it)
  • Learned the Young One wasn’t as immune to the consequences of orphanage life as we had originally assumed
  • Threw an infamous St. Patrick’s Day beer tasting party
  • Prepared for the Older One’s graduation from West Point complete with photographs, invitations, announcements and swag bags
  • Cried as that same child collected a well-earned diploma from one of the most prestigious colleges on the planet
  • Beamed with pride as he was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army
  • Took a vacation to a not-so private beach
  • Watched my son pack up his belongings and move on to his own life
  • Renovated a house
  • Bought a new house
  • Moved out of my dream house
  • Relocated the family 115 miles north
  • Watched my daughter say goodbye to her besties at the dream house and sit lonely in the childless-neighborhood of the new house
  • Killed a horde of zombies while praying I didn’t get bit in the process!

In other words, life happened.

It was crazy and joyous and heartbreaking and overwhelming. One major life event followed another, and I was overwhelmed by the enormity of absolutely everything. The only way to get through it all was to focus on one one piece at a time–one event, one goodbye, one hurdle at a time.

Now the boxes are unpacked, we’ve settled into a routine, and before the holiday stresses get too demanding, I plan to take some time to do what makes me ME.

Fortunately, this new resolution coincides nicely, and not at all accidentally, with November and National Blog Post Month (aka NaBloPoMo). Starting today, I will be joining thousands of other bloggers on a quest to publish a blog post every day for the month of November. Over the next 30 days you can look forward to catching up on some of the biggest things that happened during my absence from the blogosphere. I also plan to revisit some favorite features like Picture It Tuesday, Say It Like You Mean It and Five Minute Friday.

I can’t wait! This is almost as exciting as finding that perfect pair of pumps. But not quite as thrilling as fighting your way through a herd of the undead!

NaBloPoMo Fun Facts

Once I click the Publish button, I will be a happy blogger. With today’s post, I will successfully complete my first NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month)! When I wrote the first post a few weeks ago, I didn’t think I would actually be able to say that.

In fact, the reason I wrote that first post in a string of 30 (3-0!!!) was so I wouldn’t be able to turn my back to the computer when life started to get in the way. If I told the blogosphere about it, the blogosphere would know when I gave up, and I would never be able to return. I think that’s written somewhere in the terms and conditions I accepted when I set up my blogging account.

So here I am on Day 30 at the end of my longest blogging streak, and as I look through my writings of the past month, I have learned some fun facts about what happens during NaBloPoMo:

  1. With quite a bit of planning, I am actually able to write 30 back-to-back posts. Not long after I published that first post, I drew a grid on a piece of paper and called it an editorial calendar. It wasn’t high-tech by any stretch, but it worked for me. Apparently, I think better when I scribble.calendar
  2. With this post, I will have written 11,524 words in 30 days. That’s an average of 384 words per day–pretty impressive when you consider they were all crammed in among a full-time job, gym workouts, girl scout meetings, homework supervision, meal prep and pre-holiday stress.
  3. November is the worst month for NaBloPoMo. I should have had my Christmas shopping finished by now, but I chose to plan my blogging list instead of my holiday shopping list. Now, I’m in a panic because I haven’t wrapped a single present, the house isn’t decorated, and tomorrow is December 1st! Let’s move NaBloPoMo to March.
  4. November is the best month for NaBloPoMo. After I looked at the dates on my hand-drawn calendar I realized, I have a lot to share in November. First came Election Day, which is near to my heart. Then came Veteran’s Day, which is even nearer. The entire month is National Adoption Month which works out great because I’m an adoptive momma. I celebrated the 25th anniversary of meeting my hubby this month, and I celebrated USMA Branch Night with my son. After adding in Thanksgiving and my birthday, I realized I had quite a bit of material to work with. Let’s keep NaBloPoMo in November!
  5. I started a new feature, “Say It Like You Mean It”, which showcases words that inspire me as well as words I wish I’d written first!
  6. I published a new number one post. On the Eve of Branch Night easily broke my previous most-read post’s view count and became my most shared post. Not bad for a post I dug out of the draft files. I started writing that post way back in March when a completely different topic was on my mind. I didn’t post it at the time because it just didn’t feel right. I had thought about pulling it out several times since then, but again, it just didn’t feel right. This time though, when I framed it around my son’s invitation to the Army branch of his choice, it felt like it had been waiting for just that moment to shine, and it certainly did.
  7. I got retweeted! Aside from publicizing my posts to Twitter and the rare occasion when the only way to enter a contest is to tweet about it, I don’t really get into sharing my thoughts in 140 characters or less. During the last two weeks, however, I have been retweeted not once but twice! Don’t look for me to switch formats to micro-blogging, but I admit, I thought about it…for about 140 micro-seconds.
  8. I have a lot to be thankful for. I was actually able to make a list of 100 thankfuls, and still found more to add after I clicked Publish.
  9. The Hubs is my biggest fan. He was the first to like every post. Way to be a social networking cheerleader, Hubby!
  10. Daily blogging is hard work. There is a reason I have never done this before. It’s called life. Most of my posts were penned in pieces…a little bit before work, a few more sentences at lunch, editing and photography in the evening between homework and lunchbox packing. I gave myself a break on Saturdays with someone else’s words in my “Say It Like You Mean It” posts, and on Sundays I tried to write and schedule at least two workday blogs in addition to my Sunday post. It was worth it though because now I can say I did it, and next year, I’ll know it can be done. The precedent has been set, and I won’t be so fearful next time.

NaBloPoMo has come to an end. My fingers hurt from all the typing and my brain feels a little fuzzy from all the thinking, but I’ll be back for my second round next year. Who knows, maybe I’ll even buy myself a real calendar!

100 Thankfuls: Part One

It is November, and that means my Facebook news feed is starting to fill up with friends declaring the things they are thankful for each day until they carve the Turkey in a few weeks. I have never participated in this annual tradition, and I think I might have been missing out on all the fun.

So to make up for my perceived lack of thankfulness over the past few years, I have decided to officially record my list of things for which I’m thankful, but I’m not stopping at 30. I’ve missed at least three years of gratitude, so I am going to list the 100 (yes 1-0-0!) people, things, and concepts that make me the happy, thankful person I am.

I’m a little short on time, so let’s start with the first half…in no particular order except for the various tangents of my mind.

I am forever thankful for:

  1. The Hubs with whom I’ll celebrate 25 years of togetherness next week.
  2. The Older One who made me a momma and impresses me every day.
  3. The Younger One who continues to surprise me every day.
  4. My Dad who gave me his sense of humor.
  5. My Momma who gave me her crafty gene.
  6. The MIL who fills in for me at the bus stop and makes sure I have clean clothes.
  7. Fluffy

    This is the biggest diva in my family.

    The Furry One who is still with us four years after the vet started preparing us for the worst.

  8. The Fluffy One for being the biggest little diva in the house.
  9. The airplane that will bring the Older One home for Thanksgiving for the first time in four years.
  10. An Ebola-free country.
  11. A wide variety of scented hand sanitizers.
  12. Sanitizing wipes at store entrances to keep OPG (Other People’s Germs) off my shopping cart.
  13. Flu shots for the whole family!
  14. Hand sanitizer holders so I can always have a drop of cleanliness with me.
  15. The product marketers who create hand sanitizers/wipes/shots, so I can go on believing I will never be sick again.
  16. SnyderofBerlin.com so I can order an entire case of my favorite BBQ potato chips anytime I want them.
  17. Gloria Jean Butter Toffee K Cups for my Keurig.
  18. Peanut butter for being my go-to snack/meal/protein fix.
  19. Honey crisp apples for going so perfectly with peanut butter.
  20. Popcorn for being the snack of choice for powerful women everywhere.
  21. malbec

    Perfect with popcorn!

    Wine for being the perfect complement to popcorn and powerful women everywhere.

  22. Tea for being exotically spiced and sophisticated.
  23. Mio water enhancer because plain water needs a boost very now and then.
  24. My Kindle, aka my best friend at the pool, at the beach, by the fire…pretty much anywhere.
  25. My FitBit for counting my steps so I don’t have to.
  26. My iPad for keeping me connected.
  27. My smartphone for connecting me on the go.
  28. My boss for letting me work from home when I need to.
  29. My co-workers for not being obnoxious cube-mates.
  30. My Fitness Center for being a short block from the office, so I can squeeze in a quick lunch-time workout.
  31. My employer for being ranked as the number one healthcare company to work for.
  32. Video conferences so I can be present at meetings even when I’m really not.
  33. Screen sharing so I can present at meetings at which I am not.
  34. Web cams so I see the Older One when I’m at home, but he’s not.
  35. Facetime, so I can see the Younger One when she’s at home, but I’m not.
  36. Purple ink because black ink is boring.
  37. Purple ribbons that raise awareness for Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.
  38. Amazon Prime for bringing the joy of “free” two-day shipping to my over-committed life.
  39. Zappos for having a distribution center close enough to me so that anything I order shows up at my door the next day.
  40. Ouidad for making the most amazing curly girl hair products.
  41. Ulta and Sephora for carrying Ouidad products because Ouidad.com does not yet have the power to ship super speedy at no charge and sometimes curly girls have emergencies.
  42. West Point Moms because they are the strongest women I know.
  43. The West Point Moms Facebook community that tells me things about cadet life that my cadet won’t.
  44. The West Point Moms Ornament Exchange for filling my Christmas tree with memories.
  45. The West Point Moms Class of 2015 Facebook group for keeping me sane as we prepare for graduation and commissioning.
  46. Facebook for giving me the opportunity to bond with some of the best friends I’ve never met.
  47. Pinterest for making me believe I can DIY.
  48. Instagram for making my cell phone pics look really cool.
  49. Twitter for giving me a reason to use the # key.
  50. WordPress for giving me an outlet to express myself.

There you have it–the first half of my 100 things for which I am thankful.  Look for the next half sometime before next Thanksgiving!

A To Do List Rant

Dear To Do List,

I’d like you to know you’re driving me crazy, and I’ve had enough.

You just keep growing and growing, but you never seem to have enough room for the things I actually want to do. You are definitely more biased to the have-to’s these days. No matter how many of those I mark off, you can never seem to be able work in a few of the want-to’s.

For example, today I wanted to go to the gym, but the three urgent have-to’s that came out of that 10:00 meeting, pushed another want-to right onto the “Maybe Someday I’ll Find the Time To Do” List.

I also believe you are conspiring with Email again, aren’t you. No sooner did I put “Go get a decent lunch” on your list, than I saw another urgent email from the boss pop up on the screen. Really? Do you know what it’s like to eat peanut butter and crackers at your desk every day? You need to let me have a grown-up meal once in a while if you expect us to continue to work together.

Can’t we come to some kind of a compromise?


Ina and the gang at Food Network Magazine miss me!

How about this: Tonight, you let me read that food magazine that’s been begging for my attention for the past two weeks, and on Saturday, I will go grocery shopping without complaint. That sounds fair to me. What do you say?

What!!?? What do you mean I have to pack the Young One’s lunch and walk the dogs first? I suppose next you’ll tell me I have to wash the dishes and put away the laundry!

Oh yeah? Well, here’s a To Do for you…”Throw away the To Do List!”

I want to crumple you into a tiny ball and through you in the trash can. That’s right! I said “trash can”, not “recycling bin”. I don’t want to open up the chance for you to come back and haunt me one day.

Oh, but wait…. That’s another want-to, so I guess we won’t be doing that any time soon.

I’m too angry at you to have this conversation, right now, and apparently, I have more important things to do!

But before I go, I would like point out one little detail you may have overlooked. While we have been having this argument over want-to’s and have-to’s, I have managed to sneak in a blog post, and I’m checking a well-earned want-to off your list!

It’s a small victory, but I’ll take it!

***For today’s post, I drew inspiration from the Daily Post’s daily prompt which declared that someone or something you can’t communicate with through writing can understand every single word you write today.

Get Ready! Get Set! NaBloPoMo!

The Young One and I have been talking a lot about the power of positive thinking. When things get tough, she has a tendency to think herself not worthy of the task and pretty much talk herself into not succeeding.

I have a plan to address this that I’ll share in a later post, but first I have come to the conclusion that I need to listen to my own advice: positive words lead to positive actions.

NaBloPoMoToday marks the beginning of NaBloPoMo–National Blog Post Month–where thousands of bloggers commit to writing and publishing a blog post every day for the entire month of November.  I’ve thought about joining this celebration of the blogosphere for a few years now, but that “commit to writing” a post a day part always get in the way.

EVERY DAY for 30 days! Can I really do that?

If I follow my own advice to my daughter, I have to believe I really can. Over and over again I tell her:

  • Believe in yourself, and you can do anything.
  • Try hard, and you can succeed.
  • If you tell yourself you can do it, you will.
  • Nothing of value ever comes easy.
  • You have the power to achieve whatever it is you want.
  • If you don’t at least try, you’ll won’t know if can.

What kind of a role model am I if I don’t set this example for her?

So, here I am at the starting line of the longest blogging marathon I’ve ever entered.  The end of it may be just a tiny spot in the distance, but I can do this. I can write and publish one post every day for the next 30 days. I can find a few minutes in every day in which to string a few sentences together and move just a little bit closer to the finish line.

I can do this because I know at the end of the race is a little girl who needs to see me have a victory dance. She needs to hear me say, “I can”, and then watch me as I do.

I need to hear me say, “I can.” I need to watch me do.

Today, I am joining NaBloPoMo, and I am going to cross the finish line. Just watch me!