Bring It, 2012!!

Last night as everyone was counting down 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…, I was thinking, “Here we go again.”  Another year. Another set of resolutions. Maybe this is the year, they will still be with me when the ball drops on 2012.

I have a few things I’d like to do in 2012–some of them ambitious and some just general common sense things most people resolve to do every year.  So, for the record, here is my list of things I’d like for the new year, and how I’m doing with them as of 8:00 p.m.  on January 1.

In 2012, I will:

1. Do something new…

I’d like to learn photography and how to Photoshop more than just a box with some words in it. I’d like to write a book about the odd dysfunction that follows my extended family, but somehow skips over and around my immediate fam. Those are longer term goals, though, and they require a little more planning and organization than I had time for in the latter half of December when I first started thinking of this most unique of my New Year’s resolutions.

With those on the back burner for the time being, I’ve decided to start a new blog. To be honest, I’ve blogged before.  Maybe you’ve run across “Tales From The Waiting Room” in your search for the perfect online reading material.  That’s me…chronic conditions and poor view of all things healthcare related.  I stuck with that one for a few months, but I found it to be too limiting, and honestly, too depressing.  I live with Crohn’s Disease every day.  I don’t think I really want to write about it all the time.

So, here’s a new blog–same author, same challenges, different attitude! I am so much more than a patient. I have a family that includes a pre-school child, a college child, a husband, live-in MIL and a dog. I am an internet marketing guru (self-proclaimed).  I am a woman who lives for a shopping spree and has been known to accidentally program the GPS for the nearest outlet mall on the way home from business trips.  I also wear the title “high maintenance” like a badge of honor and am encouraging my four-year-old daughter to do the same.

I am Stiletto Momma!

Resolution 1 progress-to-date: Resolution started (even if the definition of “new” has been twisted a little)!

2. Get Moving…

I used to be known as the Jane Fonda of my social circle. I would head out to lunch with my water bottle in tow so often that the rumor around the water cooler was that I was an aerobics instructor on the side. That was a total fiction, but I do have to say I was flattered by the assumption.  I used to fit in at least four workouts a week–cardio on the elliptical, weight training, Body Pump, Zumba, yoga, pilates.  I subscribed to Fitness magazine and read health and nutrition books for pleasure.

Then Crohn’s Disease kicked my butt back to reality. I’d been in remission for over 10 years, but in 2010, after over a year of “unexplained” pain, I ended up with two abdominal surgeries to fix several strictures in my small intestines.  I was finally starting to get back into the exercise scene (Zumba, how I loved you!) when I started having new abdominal pain.  This time it was sensitive to any pressure on the abdomin–such as the kind you get when you do sit ups, crunches (even the hip-wiggly Zumba kind), and just about any kind of exercise that uses core muscles.  The docs finally found a fistula (another Crohn’s complication)–think of it as a tunnel from the intestines to another organ.  Yeah, ouch is right!  So, we tried a lot of meds, and now I think I’m ready to give the gym another shot.

I have my Zumba DVDs on order, and they should be here by the end of the week. (Who would have thought that distribution for shuts down between Christmas and New Years?)  I was going to try P90X, but I thought that just might be a little too aggressive for someone returning to exercise after a seven-month break! I plan to hit the gym with the hubs on the weekend for some quality time with the elliptical, and maybe if we’re lucky, I’ll shake the dust off the weight equipment in my home gym.

Resolution 2 progress-to-date: Well, I’ve thought about it a lot today. I went for a walk yesterday…and it was in the latter half of the afternoon, so techincally, I can carry it over to today. Right? It’s a rounding error! Okay, I’ll schedule gym time for tomorrow at 10:00 am.

3. Try to eat better…

Yes, this one sounds really lame and something six million other people have resolved to do, but it might just be the hardest one for me to stick with. It all comes back to that CD thing.  Because so many things aggravate Crohn’s Disease, those of us with it tend to eat the same things over and over again.  It’s similar to the old addage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  If it didn’t hurt going down this time, add it to the heavy rotation slot on the menu. Fruits and veggies are now a must along with a good mix of carbs and protein. (Sorry, I can’t partake in the low carb diet.  If I take carbs off my menu, I won’t eat anything. That’s been proven.) And snacks should have some nutritional value. Chips and cookies do not count!

Resolution 3 progress-to-date: In the plus column, I didn’t eat a Pop Tart for breakfast. I forced myself to eat a bowl of cereal (low sugar) before I made the first cup of coffee. I also had a veggie burger for lunch. In the minus column, I had popcorn for dinner, but it was done while spending quality time at the movie theater with my daughter, so it was pretty much justified. Tomorrow, I’ll work in some fruit!

All in all, I’m excited for 2012 and Stiletto Mamma. I cannot wait to purchase the first pair of shoes for the new year. My daughter needs some new sparkly ones too. My son is heading back north for college in a few days, and I’m sure he’ll need something for plane trip…maybe a Snuggie to keep away the draft.  I have a trip planned for myself later in the month, and my route goes right past my favorite outlet mall! And I’m sure as the year goes on, I will have some of that family dysfunction to share.

Happy shopping! (It’s considered a form of exercise!)

Stiletto Mamma