Stay With Me, Momma

These are the most heart-breaking words a working momma can hear from her child:

“Stay with me, Momma.”

The kisses I get when I stay!

I hear them several times a week. Sometimes I hear them in the morning before I head out the door. Sometimes I hear them at bedtime before I turn out the light.

“Stay with me, Momma.”

Oh, how I wish I could, sweet child. We’d keep our jammies on all day…read books…play games…draw pictures.  It would be our time, and we would have no cares.

“Why do you have to go to work, Momma?”


Here’s why I make my way to the office every morning instead of watching Spongebob with you.

I work so you see me going–committed to something I’ve started.

I work so you see me being productive. I’d stay if I could, but too many days at home make me irritable…restless…bored. I love you, but I need grownups too.

I work so you can see me happy when we reunite at the end of the day.

I work so someday you will know that you can work too. You, my daughter, are as smart and powerful as the boys. You can take on the world too.

Yes, some days I would love to stay with you. Many other mommas make the decision to stay, and I respect them for it.

But I make the decision to go, hoping that you will learn my values and my work ethic…

Hoping you will learn from my actions…

Hoping you will one day understand how hard it was to say good-bye every day…

Hoping you will stay with me, Sweet Girl,…because I love coming home to you.


It’s Five Minute Friday, and today, the prompt is “Stay”. If you have great blogging skills, and can type really fast, join us on Lisa-Jo Baker’s site for a blogging flash-mob!